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List of GTA V Paid Mod Menus for PC

List of GTA V Pain Mod Menus for PC as of June 11th, 2020:
- 2take1 Menu - Apollo Menu - Brave Menu - Carbonate Menu - Cherax Menu - Darkness Menu - Delusional Menu - Disturbed Menu - Duality Menu - Electric Plug Menu - Ephemeral Menu - Explosive Menu - Flame Menu - GTA Elite Menu - Gravity Menu - Hani Menu - Hypno Menu (Gone) - Impulse Menu - Indra Menu - Kingping Menu - Kitsune Menu - Luna Menu - Lunar Menu - Maverick Menu - Menace Menu - Next GTA Menu - Paragon Menu - Phantom-X Menu - Photon Menu - Position Menu - Powers Menu - Raine Menu - Robust Menu - Savage Menu - Shock Menu - Sodium Menu - Syslx VIP Menu - T3zz3r3t Menu - Unknown Menu 
The list of Mod Menus I have personally owned:
- Anomalous (Gone) - Apollo - Camelot (Gone) - Carbon (Currently offline - Formerly Camelot) - Endured (Gone) - Hades (Gone) - Hypno (Gone) - Indra (Formerly Zeus) - Lunar - Paragon (Formerly Wardens) - Phantom-X - Sodium (Formerly Endured) - Wardens (Gone) - Zap (Gone) - Zeus (Gone) 
When buying a Mod Menu you have to know what you want in it. If you want a menu with solely protection or one for griefing or one for recoveries, you got to know what you want and do research on the menus above to see which one suits you the best. You can't simply say one menu is better than the other because they all have different focuses. There is no best menu. There is only the menu that suits yourself the best. Anyone trying to tell you one or the other is better is being biased and you should only look for what is you need/want in a menu and not what is said about one.
Things to know about Modding in GTA V:
  1. Every Mod Menu has a chance to ban, you are never 100% safe. But the chances of you being banned are very slim. They only rise when you troll or grief and when you do recoveries.
  2. Most Menus accept Paypal payments but there are some who only accept bitcoin, gift cards, etc. If you can't buy bitcoin more often than not you can find someone who resells's the menu but at a marked up price since its more convenient for the buy and more cumbersome for the seller.
  3. If your antivirus or Windows Defender flags a menu for being a virus unless it's a free one, it is 99% of the time wrong. The reason it flags is because of the obfuscation and or because of an exe's since all AVs flag executables.

If there are any Mod Menu's I missed, private message me or comment on the thread and I will add it.
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You'll Never Believe the Ten Things She Ordered That Turned Out to be Trash (TB finds)

Hello RL!
I stumbled upon this sub after someone linked to it in a disparaging comment a few months ago, and I've been hooked ever since. Your posts make me laugh, they make me cry, they preoccupy my thoughts when I should be doing other things (shoutout to u/rep_dad, whose bitcoin tribulations actually kept me up at night). Now, I'm not nearly as funny as some of the greats I've seen here, but I am three glasses of wine deep, which is almost as good as having charisma.
I've had three TB hauls, one's en route so I can't give a strong opinion on any of those, but I'll include the specs for science.
Weight: 2354g / 3376g / 2273g respectively
Shipping Cost: CN ¥390 / CN ¥511 / CN ¥319
Carrier: EMS
Agent: Superbuy
Time from warehouse order to receipt: 5 days / 8 days / ?? days
For things that I've ordered, I'll include relevant information (such as size). For reference, I am 5'2", 120 lbs/athletic, normally US2 in clothes, US6.5 in shoes.
Item Category W2C Cop or Drop Notes
Hourglass Makeup Brushes (#2, 4, 5) Tools Link Cop Grey market, match my real HG1 brush perfectly
Filippa K Button Down Blouse (Beige, Small) Clothing Link Cop Grey market, branded
Celine Style Earrings Jewelry Link Drop They're fine, not very weighty, I never reach for them
RL "Silk" Top (Yellow, Medium) Clothing Link Drop Sorry fam but this tank sits high on my chest and is not flattering. I wanted to love it.
THE Gucci Soho Accessory Link Cop I got the green and I fucking love it. I'm about to buy another one. It's reviewed a ton here, so check it out. TL;DR: link on tassel doesn't fully close but otherwise it looks güd
Nicholas Kirkwood Flat Reps (Light Grey, 37) Shoes Link Drop They're... fine. A bit tight (I have narrow feet, too) and don't feel sturdy. Not leather. I leave them at work for when I need nicer shoes than the formerly white sneakers I am frequently wearing.
Zara Rolled Sleeve Blazer (Dark Green, XS) Clothes Link Cop My favorite TB purchase so far. I want to get 3 more. Grey market.
Silk Hair Ribbon (Black, Champagne) Accessory Link Cop They're cute. Strong elastic so they will dent your hair, but fabric feels like real silk.
Goyard Laptop Case (Large) Accessory Link ?? The large is entirely too large for my 13.5" laptop so this is sitting in my closet. I forget what it looks like.
Ambush T-Shirt (Green, 3 Yard) (Men's) Clothing Link Cop This is a present. Looks good for the price. 3 Yard is like US Men's L (I hope).
Sezane Rep Sweater (Beige) Clothing Link Drop I'm sad about this one because it's well reviewed here, but it came with a random tag, is itchy, and isn't super flattering to my body type. Maybe other colors are better.
Prada Cahier Rep (Black Velvet) Accessory Link Cop Smelled like a fufu den in my house and I still need to fix the star trails but this is unreal quality for the price.
Acne Scarf (Light Grey, Camel) Accessory Link Cop Really cute, branded.
Acne Beanie (Adult Grey) Accessory Link Cop IDK what "adult grey" means but I like it. The hat's think AF and would probably fit on my boyfriend's massive head, but I'm probably keeping it.
Victoria Beckham (Black, Small) Clothing Link Drop Font's too small, shirt's thin
Zara Moto Jacket (Grey, Small) Clothing Link Drop This was a surprise disappointment because this shop sells the GM Zara Blazers but this jacket looks like it costs exactly what it's worth. The outside looks ok but the inside is unlined, the edges of the suede on the belt don't match up, loose threads everywhere, etc.
Zara Leopard Shirt (Small) Clothing Link Drop See above. For $8 I'm not mad, but the loose threads/lack of lining is not working for me.
Zara Jungle Shirt (Small) Clothing Link Drop Another disappointment, and also weirdly short on my already short person.
Frame Denim Black Jeans (26) Clothing Link Cop Grey market, considering getting them in white too
(Non-rep) Sweater / Skirt Set (Beige, Small) Clothing Link Drop My friends, the skirt's top looks like I made it in 8th grade home economics if I also was prone to binge drinking before middle school. The sweater is lumpy but otherwise constructed ok. I let the paid reviews trick me; may you learn from my folly.
Zara? Chelsea Boots (37) Shoes Link Cop They're not leather, but they're nicely constructed for the price and comfortable and don't have a weirdly wide ankle hole.
AMQ Scarf (White/beige) Accessory Link Cop This is well reviewed on here. Looks beautiful. I got it as a gift and the recipient loves it.
(Non-rep) Boots (37) Shoes Link Drop IDK what I was expecting here. I may keep them from a Halloween costume if I decide I want to dress up like the ROTC guy I dated in college.
Sigma Makeup Brushes (E05, E20, E25, E50) Tools Link ?? En Route - I saw someone review them here and my beauty guru idol Sam Ravndahl uses them so I bought a few
Common Projects Sneakers (Red, 37) Shoes Link Cop? Well reviewed, looking forward to receiving
CDG T-Shirt (S and L) (Men's) Clothing Link ?? Saw these reviewed on DesignerReps (I think?). Quality remains to be seen.
~~~THE CART~~~
When I couldn't sleep I went through a pinterest board that I made circa 2016 or so for my "style inspo" and added these things to my cart. I tried to find things with reviews, but I have no real idea about the quality here.

Item Category W2C
The Row Mules Shoes Link
Longchamp Medium Bag Accessory Link
Gucci Snake Tie (Men's) Accessory Link
Kitsune Love Birds Embroidered Shirt (Men's) Clothing Link
This GM Sweater I'm Forgetting the Brand Of Clothing Link
Small Bag, Big Chain Accessory Link
Cheap Teddy Coat Coat Link
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Spreading the love (Tokyo Dome tickets)

UPDATE 2016-08-27 00:37 JST
UPDATE 2016-04-25 02:20 JST
Let's pretend...
What if an awesome couple, after keeping Metal Resistance on repeat (and lurking here 🤓) ever since its release, decided that attending the "Tour Final at Tokyo Dome" on 19 September 2016 was not an option, but an absolute moral imperative?
And what if said couple had already been poo-pooed by the immediate sellout of the last show in Tokyo, without enough time to even make a few taps on a konbini kiosk screen? 😭
And what if they considered that, while their chances of getting tickets in a lottery were quite low, it was a better option than waiting for the official sale only to get poo-pooed again?
And what if when embarking on this new quest, they coerced a bunch of friends to also enter the lottery on their behalf, in hopes that just one would win the opportunity to buy some tickets?
And what if, out of ten total entries in the lottery, eight actually won? 😱
And what if, out of 32 tickets that were suddenly made available to them for purchase, only 8 were taken by committed conspirators?
And what if rather than buying only those 8 tickets -- taking into account that international fans were being seduced by the promise of the lotteries only to be outright rejected 😓, as well as the handful of crazy gaijin 😜 who had already bought their plane tickets with only hope of finding tickets to the show some time later -- they did what they thought was right and also bought the other 24 available tickets?
And what if they are the types who feel that scalping tickets at inflated prices to the disenfranchised is complete BS 😠, and would be happy to let them go to their friends from overseas for simple reimbursement of what they paid (face value and fees), plus a few bucks/quid for credit card interest, postage, a thank-you melon pan etc.? 😎
Would any of you be interested? 😊
          It's easy: 生き続ける愛があるから。♥
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