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Third Party Project Highlight Week 2: The Nano Center

Hey everyone,
For the second week of my series highlighting 3rd party projects, I’ll be taking a look at one of the newer projects that I’m personally very excited about, The Nano Center. I talked to Andy, who most of you know from running the Nano things store, and Dave Carlson, otherwise known as WIMPZ, about the reasons behind starting The Nano Center and what they have planned for the future.
Troy: Ok, so as this is a relatively new project, tell us a little about why you guys decided to launch The Nano Center.
Andy: Hi, well, The Nano Center was originally conceived off of an idea that Dave had, to put together a video promoting and showing Nano in all its glory to as many people as possible. We used this as a starting point and immediately started conceptualizing ways to engage the community and organize efforts to make a real tangible effect. Both of us have been heavily involved in the Nano community since the end of 2017 and have seen the community grow and flourish over the months. We know how passionate and skilled this amazing group of people are and felt like we could perhaps make up for our own technical shortcomings, by building an organizational structure to help give people a platform to develop ideas and pool together the wide range of skills that the community possesses.
Dave: We were amazed at how fast people saw what we were trying to do with The Nano Center, and almost immediately projects started to appear on the Discord server. Before we really got started on even building the website we had people designing banner ad campaigns through Mellow-ads. There are amazing contributions being made in the form of video projects, geocaching games, wallet translations and loads more of projects taking shape on top of this. We’ve had some amazing people work solidly to get the website together on zero notice, which has been incredibly helpful in driving the project forward and showing the community that this is a working model that can help the Nano cause.
Troy: So as the project is still in its infancy, what are some of the things you have taken away from the first few weeks?
Dave: From a personal point of view, one of my favorite things about The Nano Center has been its ability to reunite some of the community in its shared goal of making Nano the best it can be. We have been overjoyed to welcome some of the Banano guys over to the Nano Center and it is great to see everyone working together again. We hope The Nano Center is seen as a community collective for both communities, as we are intrinsically linked and all want the same things.
Andy: To give an example of the work ethic and passion of the guys at The Nano Center, our creative lead Jordy and lead developer Kilrizzy recently put together a suggested landing page for the new nano wallet website. They worked really well together and produced a gorgeous landing page, fully coded and supplied to The Nano Foundation for their consideration. We were all over the moon when the Nano Wallet Company decided to use their work.
Troy: We saw the banner ads on the Bitcoin faucets, but what else do you guys have in store for us?
Dave: The next project, and what is probably going to turn out to be our flagship for the next few weeks, is the sponsorship of the KPI gaming CS: GO team at DreamHack - Valencia.
Troy: More information, please!
Andy: The KPI team, a top-ranked and for this tournament top-seeded CS: GO team, will change their team name to Nano.KPI during DreamHack – Valencia, which takes place from July 12th to July 14th. The tournament will be broadcasted nationally in Spain, and around the world via various streaming providers. That's what we're planning now - But we need the communities help! We've got a budget put together to extend Nano well past just the tournament, and into the DreamHack - Valencia 2018 convention floor! We are looking to have a staffed, branded booth where attendees can learn more about Nano. The idea is that we will be showing Nano to anyone and everyone, encouraging wallet downloads, giving away prizes for sending Nano, and even utilizing some of our existing services, such as the faucet and Nano Twitter Tip Bot!
Troy: Well that’s exciting. How can people get involved?
Dave: So I want people to know that this is overseen by us, but essentially is a space for the community to do their thing. It’s not a place where you tell someone your idea, it’s a place where you create your idea with the help of others. Completed and structured proposals will all make it onto the website where the community will vote with their Nanos on what projects they want to see realized.
Andy: We welcome everyone to join us on The Nano Center’s discord server and to learn more about the project on our website
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