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I see your old IPhone bitcoin ticker app and raise you my android app CryptoClocks, a fully user customizable ad free ticker app that turns your old android into a pretty crypto clock

Hi guys I saw that iPhone ticker app and thought you might like my app CryptoClocks.
It basically turns your old android device into a pretty table clock with crypto currency tickers.
It comes with two presets but you can design your own CryptoClocks screen by creating themes using the theme creator. Which you can preview and share with your friends as well.
You can pick what crypto currencies you want as well from 2 supported exchanges and coinmarketcap.
And of course all of this is ad free.
Here are a few screenshots for you.
CryotoNight theme Theme 2 Theme Creator Currency picker Ticker types
CryptoClocks on playstore
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CoinBox: a crypto ticker and portfolio app for iOS&android,interested? Details inside /r/bitcoin_uncensored

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bitcoin ticker widget vs bitcoin checker (Android ticker apps)

Figured this would be a good place to ask for people opinions on which app is better or perhaps they compliment each other?
I've yet to actually use either.
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Following the chart on my Bitcoin Ticker Android app... /r/Bitcoin

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Following the chart on my Bitcoin Ticker Android app...

...and it's currently just about VERTICAL in the DOWN direction.
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Just release a new Bitcoin Ticker app for Android

I've just released a new Bitcoin Ticker app for Android that lets you also get updated news feeds from around the world and place a widget on your phone's screen so you don't have to go into the app to stay updated. I'd more than appreciate your feedback and comments.
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I made a push-based Bitcoin ticker app for Android

Hi guys, I've made an Android app which delivers push-based notifications to users when the Bitcoin index reaches specified values. There exists a lot of Android Bitcoin ticker apps, but mine is the only one delivering push-notifications using Google's GCM (Google Cloud Messaging service). I believe this approach is useful for two reasons:
The GCM eliminates the need for polling a server completely. This means my app never has to wake the phone to poll a server, which saves a lot of battery-power. Also, by having my 3rd party server doing all the Bitcoine index checking, the client app is notified instantly once the index reaches the specified alert value, with almost no latency.
Because big BTC exchanges like MtGox don't have stop loss functionality, it's especially important to be notified when the index is on the way down. Knowing when to get out of Bitcoins are equally important as knowing when to buy in.
My app is called Bitcoin Push Monitor, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store here:
I hope you like it. Cheers, Eflite
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What are the bitcoin apps for Android that you can't do without? Wallets, tickers, etc?

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bitcoin ticker widget vs bitcoin checker (Android ticker apps) /r/BitcoinMarkets

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$Amn #AmonTech

Bring your crypto to life - Amon Tech
What is Amon Tech ? :
Amon is creating a bridge between two worlds: digital and traditional currencies. It was conceived with the idea to help crypto adoption via its intelligent debit card but became over the time a multi product wallet covering any crypto user needs from holding to spending and integrating different fiat currencies. Amon is an intelligent crypto debit card connected to a Wallet which uses an AI system that helps users to spend virtual and traditional assets efficiently. You're also able to deposit EUGBP directly from your bank account to your Amon Wallet via SEPA transfert.
-Name : Amon Tech -Ticker : AMN -Website : -Blog :
-MCAP : ~2m$ -Supply : 630M (circulating) / 1.2B (Initial total was 1.66B but they burned 466M tokens) -Explorer (verified) : -Full team available on LinkedIn :
What is the token utility ? - Benefits in Card Plans : One of the benefits that AMN tokens holders will receive is discounts on card fees and plans. Users will be able to from AMN cashback when spending their funds with the Amon Debit Card. - Benefits in Transactions Fees : Users will benefit from lower transactions fees by holding AMN token for certain period of time. - Benefits in Customer Service Support Fees : Tokens holder will benefit of dedicated customer support based on the Card plan associated to their account - Cashback when using the Amon Exchange : Users will receive a cashback in AMN token when executing an exchange transaction within the AMN wallet.
4 Products : - Amon Wallet : Spend in EUR & GBP, exchange/track and earn interests in crypto. - Amon Interests : Earn up to 10% on your crypto and stable coin. Get AMN rewards while holdings cryptos. Withdraw anytime, no locking period. - Amon AI : Analyze historical performances. Analyze your portfolio risk. Get notifications on your investments. - Amon Card : Spend with Euro and GBP everywhere. Use the AI to support your spending. Use the card in +42M locations. Earn 1-3% cashback for every spending.
Biggest Partners : - BitGo ( : Through the partnership with BitGo, Amon secures the users funds. Bitgo is leader custodian provider in the crypto space and Securities and Exchange Commission-USA (SEC) regulated. BitGo works with Top level companies such as ZCash, Celsius.Network, Blockchain Capital and many others. - Sum&Substance ( : They're the KYC provider through which Amon complies with the EU and Estonian regulatory framework. Sum&Sub technology allows Amon to meet regulatory requirements, prevent fraud and enhance customer confidence. Sum&Substance is also the KYC provider for big companies as Paysend,, Uber, BlaBlaCar, ESL and many more. - Celsius.Network ( : A huge cryptocurrency project who is sitting around 150M$ MCAP ( - MKB Bank w/FintechLabs ( : FintechLabs is the technology and investment Arm of MKB Bank, the fourth-biggest commercial bank in Hungary backed by the government since 2014. A part from being Amon istitutional investor it helps to meet partners, institutional entities and supports the Amon team in the legal and financial matters.They're working on it with Microsoft, Google, IBM and many more.
What to come in the coming weeks/months ? -Website updated -Card Release for EU Markets -AI Statistical -AI Portfolio Risk -Analysis Release -Release Cashback
Their competitors: -MCO : 66M$ MCAP -Wirex: 27M$ MCAP
Few words : -Already 10,000 customers (waiting list registered to receive cards). In Amon's business plan the company wants to have 100,000 customers in 2 years. -They already have their wallets available (where you can deposit your EUGBP from your bak account) with the Web Wallet (, on Android ( and for iOS ( All assets are secured by renowned SEC-approved custodian BitGo. -Website is going to be updated really soon (teaser screenshots on their Telegram) and the Card Release for the EU Markets. -They have an official license in Estonia. -One the last biggest news was last month. They were selected with 4 others companies from a total of 800 talented applicants by the BitAngels Benelux Partners and Accelerator Frankfurt : -Last AMA with the CEO :
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Exchanges, help save Bitcoin Cash from Tax!

Hey guys, please contact your Exchange if u don't want to see $BCH become $BTAX by implementing Infrastructure Funding Plan and taking 5% of all block reward and transaction fees for few selected developers starting May 15th.
Ask them to change their client from @Bitcoin_ABC to @BitcoinCashNode as they otherwise will support this fundamental change if - only - 2.5% of all SHA256 Bitcoin miners vote for it!
This would damage their business as few #BitcoinCash customers support this drastic change and do not want Bitcoin Cash name and $BCH ticker be stolen yet again, just check btc &, for example:
Also made video about it:
Here interview with @im_uname who is leading Tax resistance and released new client "Bitcoin Cash Node" that is fork of BitcoinABC client but without IFP. Not only a technical Mastermind but also high morals & nice character:
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Monthly Nano News: December 2019 + Year Recap Special

This is what NANO has been up to lately. I don't think I lie if I say it has been quite an amazing year!
See you soon and happy new year! Something nice is coming soon that I have been working on for a while, stay tuned..

December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

September 2019

August 2019

July 2019

June 2019

May 2019

Apr 2019

Mar 2019

Feb 2019

Jan 2019

More news here:
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Short 10Y JGBs and German Bunds

automod won't let me share for some reason, but would like to start discussing the end of the biggest bubble in the history of the world still not popped. Yep, sovereign bonds. Specifically, Japanese and German bonds that's still considered a safe haven in this world full of crashing markets and full on pandemic induced liquidity crunch. People sell anything they can get cash to meet margin calls with and yet these sovereigns have held up remarkably well because people think this only goes up in bear markets. What were the other "safe" havens people are now liquidating? One starts with a G and ends with OLD and the other is something something bitcoin.
The financial crisis and great recession in 08 had arguably been averted by ultra low interest rates where banks borrowed money from the central bank's only to buy long dated government issuances for lit free tendies like the autists that all professionals like to pretend they are not. Nowhere had this retarded behavior been as apparent as in the German and Japanese bond market (at least the most liquid ones)
I won't pretend I'm some expert on repos and leverage on eurodollars like that noob that got all that attention week or two ago but I am retarded enough to make a bet that this trade is in the starting stages of unwinding. At the very least, people will prefer US treasuries with a Fed going zero rates rather than retarded ECB that has set their facility rates at neg 0.4% and Japan with no choice but to keep monetizing to the point they are literally holding 30% of stock ETFs (Google it) to the point these two more retarded central banks are so much more retarded than even our own retarded Fed.
Best part of this trade is the IV on sovereign bonds is retardedly low for these sovereigns (no one expects them to blow out) Bunds is around 10% and JGBs are a measely 6%. In a world where all our retarded SPY puts are around 80% that is a steal.
So since you've read this far, here's the trades (and my positions linked)
Puts on 10Y German Bunds (ticker GBL in interactive brokers) any strike below 173 with Jun Expiry (next futures roll)
Puts on 10Y JGBs (ticker JGB in interactive brokers) any strike below 162 with Apr or May expiry (more liquid)
I put my money where these thoughts are but that doesn't mean you should. Please don't blame me if central banks somehow keep this bubble going for another 6 months and the most you'll lose is a few thousand dollars in premium per contract.
Edit: My previous DD on this blocked by automod
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Tracking coin

Is there a App (android in my case) that allows one to input a theoretical value of bitcoin as a value and track it over time? Probably a weird way to say I would like to track my bitcoin wallet value without always having to link the wallet or manually input the amount into a ticker app every time I want to look it up.
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I'm wondering if anyone else would be interested in this?

So a little background here. I am a programmer by trade (I also own an arcade called 1984, but that isn’t overly relevant). I decided to jump into the whole cryptocurrency thing since 1) I just enjoy reading about things, 2) I keep hearing the phrase “blockchain” and it was time to get up to speed on that, and 3) some outfit in the same building as my office has put together some crypto coin offering.
Obviously I’m fascinated with bitcoin now, not only as a currency but as a technology, and I bought in, a little, at about 9400. As it turns out it’s fun to check the current asking price and see how things are going and so on…. Except that I began to get a little nervous about leaving my balance just sitting there in Coinbase, so I moved it to Electrum on my desktop. Then I got a little nervous about THAT and ordered a hardware wallet, which should show up in a day or so. But this causes a problem!
Without my balance sitting in Coinbase, there’s no easy way to check what my bitcoin is actually WORTH. I can watch the trade numbers go up and down, that’s fun, but I have to pull out my calculator and type in a bunch of numbers to get what my USD value equates to. And being the greedy bastard that I am, I want to know that amount.
I found a link to an online calculator ( that lets you type in your amount and it automagically shows you what your current USD value is, but you have to type the numbers in every time you want to check. There’s no instant gratification to it.
What I wanted was an app that I could type my current bitcoin amount into, and it would pull down the latest trading numbers and show me on the fly what my current USD value is. The next time I launched the app I wanted it to remember what my bitcoin amount is. I did NOT want it connected to any kind of wallet, for security reasons and lazy reasons. Better still if I could watch the fluctuations, like a ticker.
I looked around for an app, and while I found a number of ticker apps, there didn’t seem to be anything that did what I wanted. So I wrote one. The screen shot is it running on Xcode’s iPhone simulator.
My questions are: would anyone else be interested in this? Should I take the time to submit it to the Apple Store, move the code over to Android, etc, or should I just slap a development provisioning profile on it and let it only live on my phone? I also have a desktop version running, both in OS X and Windows. Would anyone be interested in that?
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Bitcoin Rhodium FAQ

Bitcoin Rhodium FAQ

What is Bitcoin Rhodium?

Bitcoin Rhodium is a decentralized store-of-value cryptocurrency with a strong appeal for investors looking for a long-term investment in crypto securities.

Is this a Bitcoin fork?

NO. Bitcoin Rhodium is not a Bitcoin fork and uses its own unique blockchain.

Is it an open-source project?

YES. It is programmed in C# language and source code can be found here on GitLab.

When was it launched?

Mainnet launched on October 20, 2018, but the project started on December 1, 2017

Why did you decide to create Bitcoin Rhodium?

Our passion is to develop a cryptocurrency that is primarily held by investors for the long-term. We want XRC to be a niche savings account accepted by many, because of both its scarcity, but also because of its community of investors who see the long-term potential in holding a very scarce coin. Please read the White Paper and take a look at our Road Map to know more where Bitcoin Rhodium is headed. You can also check our Progress page to see the actual development.

How does Bitcoin Rhodium differ from BTC?

The main difference is that Bitcoin Rhodium’s max supply is just 2.1 million coins or one-tenth of Bitcoin’s.

What is Bitcoin Rhodium’s ticker?


Is it minable?

YES. Bitcoin Rhodium uses Proof-of-Work (PoW) system as a consensus mechanism. You can mine XRC with any compatible x13 hardware. Read our Mining Guide, choose a suitable pool on MiningPoolStats and start mining. You can calculate your profits on WhatToMine.

How fast are Bitcoin Rhodium’s transactions?

XRC has the same block interval target as BTC, which is 10 Minutes.

Is Bitcoin Rhodium a privacy coin?

Same as BTC, Bitcoin Rhodium is pseudonymous rather than anonymous, coins within a wallet is not tied to people, but rather to one or more specific keys or addresses. Thereby, XRC owners are not identifiable, but all transactions are publicly available in the blockchain. But we are planning to add more privacy features soon. To learn more about that please read the this post written by one of our devs.

Where can I get Bitcoin Rhodium?

You can buy it on multiple exchanges, acquire through mining or even get it for free if you already hold some.

On what exchanges does Bitcoin Rhodium trade?

XRC can be purchased on following exchanges: HitBTC, P2PB2B, Changelly, Bisq, Tradesatoshi, FatBTC and WhiteBIT

How can I get XRC for free?

You can get Bitcoin Rhodium for free participating in Strong Hands Program, which is one of our use cases. To get free coins all you have to do is to hold any amount of XRC on your wallet for three months. That’s all. No other requirements.

What other use cases does Bitcoin Rhodium have?

Two more use cases are: The Crypto Trinity — an efficient ecosystem together with Bitcoin and Litecoin that can facilitate users and investors with different needs and preferences. And FreeMarket ONE — tor-based Peer-2-Peer barter trading platform, anonymous marketplace to trade precious metals worldwide.

Where can I store Bitcoin Rhodium?

You can keep your coins safe in one of the following wallets: Electrum-XRC, Trezor, Full node wallet, Magnum wallet or Web wallet.

Which one of these wallets should I choose?

It depends on what platform are you and how you plan to use XRC. Hardware wallets has proven to be the most secure way to store crypto, so choose Trezor wallet for maximum security. For desktop on any major platform use Electrum-XRC. It is secure and really easy to use. Magnum wallet will give you simple access to your coins on Android (iOS app in development). Web wallet works in any browser but we recommend you to use more decentralized third-party solutions.

Are there any active bounty programs?

You can earn XRC by being Bitcoin Rhodium’s ambassador. If you’re interested in participating, please fill in this form. More info about the program on website.

Where can I find more info about the project?

Please check our official resources: Website, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Blog and Reddit.

Where can I check XRC price?

Main sources to keep track of Bitcoin Rhodium’s price are Blockfolio app, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
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An in-depth overview of different mobile wallets

Disclaimer: A lot of time went into writing this and more research than I anticipated. Errors are not just possible, they are certain. If you find any mistakes, please reach out to me and I'll edit. Furthermore I know I probably missed a couple apps, there are a lot out there. If I missed a big one, then again contact me and I'll consider adding it. If you are reading this in the future, note that these apps update regularly, anything mentioned here may have changed by the time you are reading it.

What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile Bitcoin wallet is an application for a mobile device which acts as a lightweight wallet and allows you to store, send and receive Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies and tokens). Mobile wallets use SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) to allow wallet functionality without having to download the whole blockchain. This is very important as barely any mobile phones have enough storage space required for the full blockchain. Mobile wallets are also considered hotwallets, meaning they have an active connection to the internet. The mere fact of being 'online' allows for a number of attack vectors and as such should never be used to store large amounts. It is however not unsafe per se. Private keys are stored locally and encrypted. Some wallets keep backups of those encrypted private keys on a server of their own, and this is something to take note of, but not to fear. So without further ado, lets get to it. I focused on Android wallets, but many of the wallets mentioned here have iOS versions.

Quick overview

Name Segwit Multisig Backup Other coins Fee Choice Privacy Options Depth/Complexity
Samourai Yes No 12 word seed + passphrase No Custom A ton Advanced
Bread No No 12 word seed No 2 Options No Beginner
GreenAddress Yes Yes 24 word seed No Custom Tor Optional Intermediate
AirBitz No No Private seed No Custom-ish No Beginner
Electrum Yes Yes 12 word seed No Custom Proxy possible Intermediate
Copay No Yes 12 word seed No Custom No Beginner
ArcBit No No 12 word seed No Fixed or Dynamic No Beginner
CoinSpace No No 12 word seed BCH/LTC/ETH 3 Options No Intermediate
Simple Bitcoin No No 12 word seed No None No Beginner
Bither No No 12 word seed BCH/BCG 4 choices No Intermediate
GreenBits Yes No 24 word seed No Custom No Beginner
Jaxx No No 12 word seed A ton 3 options No Advanced
Xapo / / / / / Public /
Coinomi No No 18 word seed A ton Custom No Advanced
Mycelium No No 12 word seed No Scrollwheel Tor Optional Intermediate

Wallet Breakdown


Samourai focusses heavily on anonymity and obfuscation. Addresses are never used more than once. When making a transaction there is an obfuscation slider. Samourai has had SegWit enabled since October. Furthermore it offers a plethora of different features, too much to sum up here. If you are an advanced crypto-user you should definitely check out this wallet and their website which explains all of the different features. The UI takes a bit of getting used to though.


Breadwallet is a very simple to use, straightforward app. The UI is slick and intuitive and in-app support to basic questions is very well incorporated. This could be a good wallet for a new person to the scene. The lack of advanced features will make this app not the go-to for more experienced users. It does however feature fingerprint authentication, which is cool, as well as BCH extraction. The lack of SegWit and complete absence of custom fee's is a problem though, especially since fees have gone up during the recent BTC spike. With only 2 fee options to choose from I simply can not recommend this wallet to people who are looking to make frequent transactions.


When I first started with Greenaddress I didn't like the UI, I found it a bit clumsy. So definitely not user-friendly for a beginner. On the plus side it allows a choice of 2FA settings. Furthermore it has SegWit enabled and it has some advanced features like nLockTime transactions and it offers a service for instant transactions. This all feels very Lightning Network-y, which makes sense as GreenAddress is a part of Blockstream. Our friends in the other sub will most likely have something to say about this. I'll refrain from this and just say the following: this is an advanced wallet with promising features. If they clean up their UI a bit I could see myself using this without hesitation. The fact that they have MultiSig is a big plus as most mobile wallets do not have this functionality.


Unlike any other wallet I fired up at that point, this app did not prompt me with a 12- or 24-word seed. Instead it made me make an account, the regular username/password combo. After some research I found that these are not stored in a local database on their end. Which means that recovering your password in case of loss like with every other username/password login method we are so used to, is not possible. It is merely a different representation of an encryption key, allowing you access to your private keys. It features some interesting stuff though, NFC-compliant transactions and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for example. Clearly this app is meant to be a bridge between users and merchants and has focus on making regular in-person transactions. Thus it mimics some non-crypto related payment apps that we have. Personally, I am not a fan, but I can appreciate the design philosophy and I would't be surprised if their design model worked very well in the future with the LN or with other crypto's that focus on small payments. As for the UI, it's fairly simple, yet horribly cluttered with partnered services. Good for non-techies maybe, but not for more experienced crypto-enthusiasts.


Much like the desktop wallet I used years ago when I first started with Bitcoin, the mobile wallet is minimal. Straightforward and without fancy colors or UI. For those of us who have known the internet before Facebook, this app will feel strangely familiar. This is a classic example of a no-nonsense wallet with the features that really matter. SegWit and MultiSig enabled. A further lack of advanced options might be a turn-off for some users out there though. I did however find the option to spend coins from unconfirmed transactions. This could be very useful in case you want to cancel out a previously stuck or erroneous transaction and ensure it's never cleared. One downside to this wallet is the very primitive way of setting a custom fee. No guidelines, scrollwheel or info. Just a simple box in which to put your fee which won't help intermediate users, only experienced users.
Edit: sidenote on the SegWit implementation by Electrum


Of all the apps I've tried up to this point, CoPay had the best initializing phase, succinctly explaining risk and security. I can not imagine a better intro to a wallet for a first time bitcoiner. It being of a product of BitPay, of which I am personally not a fan, I have to admit though. This app looks clean, feels fast and is easy to use. It successfully demystified MultiSig functionality in its UI and partnered services are not obtrusive in the design. Downsides are lack of fee setting possibilities and SegWit. The latter I really do not understand given their main core of business. If it wasn't for those last two points, I would not see why not to recommend this wallet.


This app dissapointed me a bit. It starts out of the box, not mentioning any backup seeds or tutorial on the wallet itself or Bitcoin. It has no SegWit, no MultiSig, a lack of features and whilst a backup seed can still be requested from the settings, I feel it is of the utmost importance that such a security measure is not quickly overlooked. The lack of fee management tops it off. While this wallet works just fine and looks just fine, there are too many alternatives out there with better options and functionality for me to ever advise anyone to use this wallet.


CoinSpace is one of those apps that could be really cool, but completely missed the boat on some other design choices. In-app ads unless you pay 1.6$ or something. Settings hidden behind a CoinSpace login screen. It features multiple tokens though with built in conversion through ShapeShift, which could have been awesome. But the excessive ads are just a big no-no. Lack of SegWit and limited fee options make this one of the least interesting wallets out there.

Simple Bitcoin Wallet

Simple Bitcoin is a very basic, barebone wallet. Feels like a one-man project. Almost no settings possible at all. There's much better out there.


I oddly liked Bither because of its design that reminded me of websites from the 2005-ish era using lots of gradients. Its one of those apps that you either like or you don't. The UI is not bad, but could be better, there's some functionality hidden in the settings, but not enough to satisfy. One very useful feature is built in BCH and BCG extraction. This is the first app I encountered with built in Bitcoin Gold access. It also has a separate tab with just market price information, which is really useful for the price ticker addicts among us. Furthermore it features Cold/Hot Storage View which allows you to monitor cold storage and with a nice graph shows you the distribution between Hot and Cold. Cool stuff. I would suggest to check it out, I'm sure some people will like and some won't. Do note, no SegWit. I would personally use this as a view-wallet only. Not as a spending wallet.


GreenBits is like the light version of GreenAddress. I tried looking for why one team would make 2 wallets but could not find a definitive answer asides from GreenBits being Android-native. And while some resources state MultiSig functionality and Tor through Orbot, I couldn't find those in this app. It does however sport SegWit and custom fees like GreenAddress. On the UI front I feel much more comfortable with this app though and I could see it being better received by average users. Looks like a good spending wallet without much extra.


Jaxx is a rather large wallet that supports many many many different coins with built in ShapeShift functionality. It did suffer from a hack earlier this year which is why this wallet has been discredited. I would however suggest looking into this one if you are invested in multiple different coins and regularly swap between them to get some financial edge. Lack of SegWit and fee options don't make this an ideal app for Bitcoin-only users.


Xapo, known for its cold storage solutions was one of the apps I was eager to check out. Upon starting I however first had to verify through a text message, giving up my phone number, after which I was greeted by a 'Continue with Facebook or email' - screen. Upon choosing email, I was further asked to give up personal information. Nothing personal against these types of business models, but this is not what I am looking for in a mobile wallet. Centralization of personal information is quite in contrast with the decentralized and pseudonymous qualities of cryptocurrencies. This being the 13th wallet I've fired up tonight, I decided to give this one a pass.


Coinomi is very similar to Jaxx in the way that it supports a crapload of different currencies and in-app conversions between different tokens through ShapeShift and additionally Changelly. It does look quite a bit more straightforward though. A good alternative to Jaxx for those multicrypto traders among us. Unfortunately yet again not the best for straight Bitcoiners due to lack of SegWit. It has custom fees though, but much like Electrum, there's no real help here and it's just a manual input.


Mycelium has been my wallet app for a couple years now. Unfortunately the delay in SegWit adoption has me looking elsewhere and in succession writing this article. I really liked the recent addition of the fee scrollwheel, which is still the most detailed and succesful implementation of custom fees in any app I've seen. Having tried out many other apps at this point I can now see Mycelium, while not particulary user-unfriendly, could still very much improve its UI. It is however not a bad wallet, never crashed on me, always ran smooth through multiple updates. But let's not get sentimental here, it's a solid app, but its time for me and maybe you as well to try out something different ;-)


In this excruciatingly long article I've ran through a couple different wallet apps. One thing to learn is that not a single one of these is perfect and there's still room for improvement on many fronts. Which wallet holds your preference today depends largely on what you are looking for in a wallet. Do you want the cheapest transactions, then go for one of the SegWit enabled wallets. Do you like cool functionality, then check out Bither. Is anonymity of a concern to you then Samourai looks like the clear winner. More into multiple coins at once, then Coinomi or Jaxx is the way to go. And this is mobile wallets only, you have your desktop wallets, hardware wallets, cold storage solutions, paper wallets. But I'm all out of ink tonight!
I can't give you specific advice. In this world of cryptocurrencies we are in control of our own money. Being in control of your own money means being responsible for its security too. So make your own decision and due diligence.
Edit: Thanks everyone for the awesome responses. I've had some requests to further mention some important information regarding the wallets. I will write these down here as a memo to myself in the future, at which point I will review the state of mobile apps in greater detail once again. - Open Source or not - iOS version or not - Adding iOS only wallet apps
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#PundiX Provides Recap of April 12 AMA with Zac Cheah, CEO #PundiXLabs

#PundiX Provides Recap of April 12 AMA with Zac Cheah, CEO #PundiXLabs
Dear Pundians,
Thank you for participating in the AMA session with Pundi X founder and CEO Zac Cheah.
For those of you who may have missed it, the live recording of the AMA session held last on April 12 at 10:00 am GMT+8, tackling Q1 progress and addressing questions and concerns by the community members, can be viewed here:
You may also find a summary of the Q1 progress presentation as well as the Q&A below:

Pundi X Q1 2019 Highlights

  1. Pundi X ecosystem handled a total of 26,380 crypto transactions valued at 3.9 million in USD during the 1st quarter of 2019. Registered XWallet users have increased to 179,982 as of April 10. XPOS has been shipped to 30 countries.
(Correction: The 179,982 X Wallet users include both KYC verified and unverified users; and not all KYC verified users as mentioned in the video. Zac’s apology.)
Quarterly Transaction Summary
Distribution Map
  1. The custom XPASS cards are becoming popular among our XPOS distributors. Exchanges in Canada (iBank) and Africa (Bit2Big, DoshEx) have ordered 14,000 in total.
Distribution Partnerships
  1. XPOS has successfully received EU’s CE certification. FCC certification is under way.
XPOS Certification
  1. By integrating a collection feature, we are making XWallet a virtual mini-XPOS. Users can be part of the XPOS merchant network by becoming verified merchants from the XWallet app. Staking and conversion are also integrated into XWallet app and available for KYC verified users.
XPOS Handy, a more affordable version of XPOS, is now in production. 2,000 units will be produced. The team is also looking into expanding XPOS into traditional POS units platforms and has started working on one of the top two POS brands for integration.
Product Development Overview
  1. Due to the conversion, the token removal in 2019 will reflect the result of both NPXS / NPXSXEM utilization and NPXS / NPXSXEM conversion to FX. For example, the amount of Q1 token removal will be announced in the first week of May 2019 and the execution will take place in the second week of May.
2019 Token Removal Schedule

Below is a summary of the Q&A with community members.


  • Q: How many live working XPOS are there in the world right now? Understand the plan was 100,000 in 2021. But recent news is only talking about someone maybe buying 1000 in 2021.
  • Is the delay in scaling XPOS because of the licenses which Pundi X doesn’t have yet? If yes, when can we expect it to be approved or denied?
Zac: The pick up rate during Q1 isn’t moving as fast partly due to the bear market. Another contributing factor of which some of you may be aware, is that we have been working on obtaining the relevant FCC and CE certifications for the XPOS as it’s a requirement by most governments.
We are pleased to announce that the XPOS has been officially certified. It’s in fact the first blockchain based POS device that has been given the CE certificate. And with this, we will begin to accelerate to get the XPOS compliant with the different markets and increase the activation rate of the XPOS.
For example, in Dubai, we are working with the local credit bureau to apply for an approval with the local regulators using our CE Certificate as the base document. The same goes for Korea’s KC certification.
So yes, a lot of things have been moving behind the scenes and one thing that is clear is whatever we do, it is to play the long-term game. Hence, we had to make sure that we have all the relevant required certification for the XPOS before we take it to the next level of deployment.
  • Q: How many XPOS transactions (by coins) have been done so far (since the start)?
Zac: The XPOS and XWallet have handled a total of $3.9M USD in Q1 outbound transaction.
  • Q: Will there be a major partnership such as with Uber or Amazon to use the XPOS? Any strong partnerships in the works for the XPOS?Any upcoming big deals for the xpos ? Like Starbucks, etc? And did Pundi X ever get in contact with Kroger?
Zac: As always, similar to other business deals, due to confidentiality agreements, we do not comment on major partnerships until it’s firmed up or announced first by our counterparties. One thing for sure, we are working hard to engage established global enterprises (especially those) with a large distribution network and footprint.
In addition to that, we are exploring the expansion of our XPOS solution footprint by integrating the XPOS into one of the Top 2 point-of-sale manufacturers. We will share the process and details once we have completed the testing.
  • Q: Any updates on a Pundi X collaboration with Dubai government?
Zac: We are in the process of getting the XPOS certified with the local government authorities. And now that the XPOS has the CE certificate, it will accelerate the approval process in Dubai.
  • Q: When is the XPOS capable of handling credit card payments?
Zac: We have reached out to various parties that can provide and activate these services and that includes meeting the CEO of MasterCard, Mr Ajay, in person. He has seen our XPOS and from what I could tell, he was impressed.
  • Q: When will you add XRP to XPOS?
Zac: The XPOS is a digital currency-neutral device. When there’s enough demand and a real need from an organization or company, we would not hesitate to add it to our XPOS ecosystem.
  • Q: When will the XPOS have WePay, AliPay, Samsung and Apple pay?
Zac: XPOS itself is hardware-ready for these payment methods. To activate these services, we will be required to comply with the local regulations in different jurisdictions and work with the providers of payment gateways.
  • Q: Can we get a merchant map, similar to bitcoin ATMs?
Zac: The team is working on this. In the first phase, we will have a list of the featured merchants. We are targeting to have a “lite” version of this “featured merchant” map ready by end-May. We are finalizing the name but you can call it the X-MAP where you can locate your favourite XPOS merchants or X-Merchants.
  • Q: Does Pundi X have plans to support stable coins?
Zac: Our XPOS merchants already have access to the stable coin feature, but for regular consumers, the option to have stable coin is not available yet. However we foresee turning on this feature soon.
  • Q: China and Thailand should be supplied with XPOS via some partner. The news was big but that was over a year ago. What’s the status in these two key markets?
Zac: China’s stance against Cryptocurrency is still a no-go. The news that was mentioned a year ago refers to our license distributor called XPOT (they had a kick off event a year ago where Mr. Prachuab Chaiyasan, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand was one of the attendees). XPOT is our licensed distributor and I believe they are still in discussion with the local governments and pending the environment to change.
Regarding Thailand, we are in talks; with possible partnerships in this market. Please stay tuned.
  • Q: What are the current legal issues Pundi X is facing in USA, Germany and Canada?
Zac: Regulatory bodies are still ambiguous about their policies toward cryptocurrencies. As previously mentioned, we will continue to monitor the situation in the different markets and be compliant so that as soon as there is clarity in the market, we will be in a prime position to move in.
  • Q: When is Pundi X expanding to India? I was at your Mumbai Meetup but we are still waiting
Zac: We are awaiting RBI’s permission too, as crypto is still frowned upon by the local authorities.
  • Q: A long time before the public token sale, at the pre-sale stage, Pundi X said they have a working product and simply needs the funding to pay for a huge production and then give out XPOS devices for free. The cost per device is somehow USD 200–300, depending on order volume and a USD 3,000 investment would yield a minimum of 10 XPOS Devices. After enough funds raised, the token sale got capped and more funds raised. Then the XPOS got remodeled and went for sale. What happened with the initial idea of giving 10,000+ devices out for free?
Zac: As previously mentioned, pre-public token sale participants who purchased > 30 ETH are entitled to a free XPOS. If you haven’t claimed yours, please reach out to us.
Also in the pipeline, we are working with some non-profit organizations to provide free XPOS for their usage.

On the XWallet

  • Q: Will you add a stable coin to XWallet?
Zac: Yes, we will. Someone has asked the same thing about XPOS. It will likely be added around the same time for XPOS, XWallet and XPASS.
  • Q: Can we add the bank transfers to XWallet? Basically to liquidate on the XWallet for sending money to my bank account?
Zac: This is my personal favorite feature to have and it’s on my wishlist. In order to support fiat, we need to have a Payment Service License / E-Money License / Stored-value license in a jurisdiction that supports a particular fiat. For example, if it’s EURO, we will need to apply for a license or lease it via a partner for this to work.
We are definitely exploring the different possibilities but we are unable to elaborate more on when, or if it is happening, as this also requires more talks with the different local jurisdictions.
Q: Turkish holders would like to ask when can we partner with master / visa and integrate with XWallet?
Zac: As mentioned earlier, we have reached out to various parties that might be able to activate these services.

On Q3 to Q4 Plans

  • Q: What’s the plan for Q3 and Q4 for this year?
Zac: There are tons of things we are working on for Q3 and Q4.I will broadly separate it into:
Developer ecosystem — The developer ecosystem allows traditional and tech companies to onboard themselves into the XPOS and XWallet ecosystem, such as listing of their custom tokens, advertising etc. These services will all require the usage of NPXS and NPXSXEM tokens.
Partnerships — We are likely to partner with incumbent retail chain stores payment companies, incumbent POS companies that have deep distribution network to help expand the reach of XPOS, XWallet, XPASS, etc.
Governmental level efforts — We started off with Dubai and since then, several other governments have shown interest. We see this as an opportune time to engage forward-thinking governments to build a blockchain ecosystem in their city and country.
Our Team: we will continue to invest and grow our R&D team capabilities as they represent the heart of Pundi X. If any engineer or developer is keen to help us to scale, please get in touch with us. We are actually looking for engineers as I speak.

On NPXS and Token Removal

  • Q: What is the quarterly token removal from the NPXS usage of the XPOS and the burned amount for Q1 2019.
Zac: Good question. Some holders may be aware that token removal includes the result from the conversion. The amount of Q1 token removal will be announced in the 1st week of May and we will execute the removal in the 2ndweek of May.
  • Q: Pundi X has mentioned a monthly coin burn and a monthly buy back. Why hasn’t this happened yet?
Zac: It is not monthly. We are doing a quarterly token removal.
  • Q: People feel that the current token burn isn’t as transparent as many wish. What can be done to improve this process and make it more transparent? The biggest upset was after the ULTRA festival where Pundi X just wrote “we ain’t allowed to talk numbers.”Could there be a daily or weekly ticker? Is that possible?
Zac: That’s a good suggestion. While a daily ticker might be challenging, we certainly can try exploring incorporating a ticker update towards all token removal or scheduled for the next one.
  • Q: Zac, you have mentioned previously that someone was trading against NPXS. What did you guys do about this problem?
Zac: There are trading teams, market makers, financial institutions that profit from the drop and rise of token prices in the crypto market and it’s not something that is unique to NPXS. In fact, the traditional stock markets have similar challenges as well. We have taken the “the best defense is a good offense” strategy which is to continue to strengthen our tokens; such as create more use cases, drive more adoption and more distribution to ensure our tokens are well positioned and stronger than ever.
  • Q: Why do you not do any great marketing and generate publicity for NPXS, e.g., advertise on television stations in major and in different countries? I generally see marketing as very important to the company’s success. And I hope to see real partnerships, not just with small shops or restaurants.
Zac: We rarely engage in paid partnerships as it doesn’t necessarily produce the best ROI in terms of investment and in this market condition, we believe in being financially prudent. Being in a decentralized environment, we consider ourselves as a community-driven company.The impact of organic press coverage driven by our community is always stronger. We do want to be seen on all major news channels and we will do that via “thought leadership brand building.” As a testament to our growing reputation, recently, we were invited to speak at the Fintech Ideas Festival event and be on the same stage as the senior executives and CEOs of Wells Fargo, COO and CTO of Bank of America and other large institutions. We see this as the right step forward in growing our brand appeal to the masses.

On the QEX Fund

  • Q: Any update on the QEX fund?
Zac: The QEX fund is led by Vic Tham,CEO and Fen Chao Yong, COO, at Quantum Energy Asset Management, also known as QEAM. Other than being the CEO of QEAM, Vic is also Pundi X’s Chief Investment Officer.
From what we know, they are in the midst of raising funds, book building, analyzing potential projects & companies and strengthening the portfolio for QEX. It’s an ongoing effort for this year and a very exciting one. We are extremely excited to see potential breakthrough projects that could benefit our ecosystem. And if anyone has questions or interests, please do reach out to Vic Tham and his team at QEAM.

On Function X

  • Q: What is the update on devs program for the Function X ecosystem?
Zac: Many keen developers are eagerly waiting for it, and I know Billy who has posted this question is one of them. We are working on it right now, we can’t commit on the dates yet but developer support is a big part of our ecosystem. We are working tirelessly, and sometimes “sleeplessly” to get this out.
  • Q: Did you use “investors”/ token holders funds to develop Function X? And instead of giving the 65% FX tokens to NPXS and NPXSXEM holders, you are getting them to choose between NPXS/NPXSXEM and FX token?
Zac: 65% of the FX tokens from Token Generation Event (TGE) is already allocated for NPXS / NPXSXEM token holders, via staking and/or conversion. There are two separate projects with teams working on it. For the XPOS ecosystem to flourish, it requires a more scalable platform/solution which is the Function X ecosystem.
The Function X foundation will be announced in Q3 and hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise. We will have a solid team to grow the Function X ecosystem.
  • Q: Will Pundi X be less focused on NPXS once FX goes live?
Zac: No, we think it’s mutually beneficial. If I may use an analogy, it’s like Google Search and Android, one product will lift the other up. The other example would be salt and pepper. When used in combination, it will drastically improve the taste of any particular dish.
  • Q: What is the relationship between the future f(x) coin and the future NPXSFX token? Is the former used in the FX ecosystem (XPhones) and the latter used in the XPOS ecosystem? If so, would buying something using the XPhone going to burn FX coins, NPXSFX tokens, both or none?
Zac: Think of the role of f(x) coin like how ETH is. Everything or any service that’s taking place in the Function X ecosystem will require the f(x) coin.
For NPXS which will be ported over to the Function X blockchain once the Function X mainnet is up and running, its utility will remain the same. Any payment-relevant services or activities on the Function X blockchain will require NPXS, which on the Function X mainnet will be tentatively called NPXSFX.
  • Q: For FX Tokens, the lock up of 1 year is too long for us to wait. Can we change the option to shorten the duration?
Zac: The mechanism in place has been designed for the long term, so unfortunately, we can’t change the option. Users have the choice whether to convert his NPXS and NPXSXEM, or not, into f(x) coin, if a user chooses to convert he will receive 12% immediately and 8% each month for the next 11 months.
  • Q: Will F(x) be available to those who couldn’t stake or convert? Will it be before the staking period end or after? When will F(x) be available to purchase on an exchange for those in countries who were not allowed to stake? Will it be during the staking period or after?
Zac: Soon we hope. As per our policy, we are unable to comment on listing dates, but with our established relationships with exchanges, we do hope it will be quick.
  • Q: We were all impressed by the Uber Dapp demos running on F(x), but these days Tron and EOS are getting a lot of press about Dapps too. What advantages will F(x) have over those platforms?
Zac: Each platform will have its own advantages, we welcome the competition and hope that more popular apps such as the decentralized Uber app can be conceived from Function X.
  • Q: Why is there no cap on f(x) tokens? When will you explain how the tokenomics will work?
Zac: I would encourage all to have a look at our concept paper on and the Medium blog post as the details are explained thoroughly there.
  • Q: Have you already secured deals with other companies like Sony, Samsung, etc with the Function X OS to build other blockchain phones? Or do you plan to keep the Function X software to just the 5000 phone you already made?
Zac: The 5,000 XPhones serves as a proof-of-concept, for manufacturers and developers to have a test drive. We want to partner with hardware/smartphone companies and telcos to build their own version of the blockchain phones with Function X. And we are still working hard to engage with the companies to push for future blockchain phones and strengthen our Function X ecosystem.
  • Q: Will the XPhone work as a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device like the XPOS Handy?
Zac: The XPhone comes preinstalled with the XWallet and with that, it can double up as a lite version of the XPOS with QR code and NFC Support.
  • Q: When will XPOS Handy be ready?
Zac: XPOS Handy will be available in the coming weeks.
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CLOUD NODE - Остаточний хостинг і моніторинг Masternode

CLOUD NODE - Остаточний хостинг і моніторинг Masternode
Блокчейн є не заперечно геніальним нововведенням - дітищем особистості або зібранням осіб, відомих під назвою, Накамото. Однак, з цього моменту, він перетворився на щось більш помітне, і фундаментальний запит, який кожен ставить, це: Що таке Blockchain? За допомогою надання розширених даних, які не розмножуються, інновація blockchain стала основою іншого роду мережі. Спочатку сформульована для передових грошових коштів, Bitcoin (Купити Bitcoin) технологічна мережа в даний час знаходить інші потенційні можливості для інновацій. До цього моменту абсолютна оцінка грошових коштів становить близько $ 112 млрд. США. Більше того, блокчейн може робити різні сорти передових коштів. Любіть павутину (або ваш автомобіль), ви не повинні знати як blockchain спроби використати це. Тим не менш, наявність основної інформації
про цю нову інновацію показує, чому вона розглядається як прогресивна. Таким чином, я сподіваюся, що ви оціните це, перш ніж продовжити.
Що таке проект Cloudnode v2?
Проект Cloudnode v2 впродовж багатьох років пересувався всіма відомими поліпшеннями та організаційними групами. Ми ставимо акції в усьому прямолінійність по відношенню до інвестицій в крипто активів. це, ми створили Найбільш прозору платформу хостингу та моніторингу, пропонуючи кілька додатків для криптовалют всередині H і M:
Це не просто ще один проект з білого паперу, а вже практично готова і повністю сформована екосистема з багатьма унікальними функціями і інструментами, яка ідеально підходить як для досвідчених блокових ентузіастів, так і для початківців. Екосистема включає в себе безліч рішень для хостингу та моніторингу мастерноз. На платформі Cloud Node V2 також є ігрова платформа, хмара зберігання, надійний криптовалютний гаманець і багато іншого. Все це має приємний і інтуїтивно зрозумілий інтерфейс, з яким довго не треба було займатися, щоб зрозуміти принцип роботи. Крім того, на відміну від інших послуг, ця платформа підтримує російську мову, що для мене особисто є дуже великим плюсом.
Cloud Node V2 створює команду висококваліфікованих фахівців, які вже завоювали авторитет на міжнародній арені блокчейн і дуже відомі в певних колах.
Сьогодні вони вже створили гаманець CDS App Wallet, який мені дуже сподобався, все працює дуже швидко і не замерзає навіть на моєму старому комп'ютері. Думаю, ви також оціните, принаймні, все виглядає набагато краще, ніж у відомому кожному ентузіаста crypto MEW гаманця і має більш дружній інтерфейс на російській мові.
Система CDS H & M також є готовим рішенням для запуску майстра. Він встановлюється дуже швидко, навіть для Windows 32 біт.


Надсилайте та отримуйте CDS у простій, не складній формі та на долоні. Підвищена трансформація гаманця цифрових грошей на вашому iOS і Android мобільному телефоні.
CDS H і M System
Загальна стадія для вашого Masternode. Швидка установка MN + Dashboard + Моніторинг + Кілька монет + сповіщення (все за $ 0,99 / місяць оплата в CDS).
Хмара зберігання файлів і обміну
Навіщо витрачати значні додаткові приміщення на комп'ютері або телефоні, коли ви можете зберігати свої архіви та медіа файли в хмарі і пропонувати їх поперечно над гаджетами? Після частини фіксованого вільного простору Ви можете придбати Cloud Space з CDS.
Технологія Blockchain
CloudNode (CDS) є 100% відкритим вихідним кодом, з розрахунком PoS (Proof-of-Stake) і Masternodes onX11 Структурований в енергійній системі з Masternodes і винагородою 4800 CDS і встановлення винагороди 1200 CDS для кожної видобутої площі через регулярні проміжки часу.
Швидкий і безпечний
Cloudnode [CDS] - це цифрові гроші з захищеною системою для здійснення онлайн-обмінів за допомогою InstantSend і PrivateSend з максимальною швидкістю та безпекою.
Ця платформа має приємний і інтуїтивно зрозумілий, навіть для початківців інтерфейс;
Синхронізація з абсолютно будь-яким пристроєм незабаром випустить більше мобільних додатків;
Всі доступні на Cloud Nodefunctionality коштують користувачам лише копійки;
Ви будете здивовані, як приємно і легко використовувати цю платформу, протягом 2 років я не бачив нічого більш комфортного і гладкого на роботі;
Монети екосистеми СРС, безсумнівно, підвищаться, оскільки попит на таку зручну платформу буде гарантований;
Дуже досвідчена команда, новачки просто зможуть створити таке прохолодне обслуговування, попередні розробки цієї команди також дуже популярні і відомі в усьому світі.
Інформація про token
Назва монети: Cloud Node v2✔ Ticker: Алгоритм CDS✔: X11 MN / POS✔ Нагорода за блок: 6000 CDS✔ Час блокування: 60 секунд✔ Матерінод: 10,000,000 CDS✔ Розподіл блоку: 80% Masternode / 20% Staking Наявність InstantSend, PrivateSend & Multi-Send
Проект надихає впевненість, тим більше, що власний блокчейн практично вже запущений, є гаманці для всіх видів пристроїв, сайт з майстер-менеджерами повністю запущений і готовий до роботи, все інше вже має лістинг на біржі. І все це було досягнуто всього за кілька місяців, тобто потенціал Cloud Node величезний. Я бачив багато проектів, які навіть через кілька років не могли досягти того, що команда Cloud Note змогла виконати за такий короткий час. Загалом, проект є дуже цікавим і перспективним, для більш детальної інформації Ви можете перейти за посиланнями нижче.
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Receive dividends of 5% from issued all tokens of other Android apps, Dapps.
PMT owners automatically become co-owners of PMF - PlayMarket Fund. The main purpose of the fund is to openly manage the resources of the Fund together with other members, to receive dividends of 5% from issued all tokens of other Android apps, Dapps
Ticker for DAO PlayMarket 2.0 token - PMT. The token standard is ERC20 (Ethereum blockchain). Total supply - 3,000,000 PMT tokens (750,000 PMT frozen by the development team). In 2017, 2 250 000 PMT tokens were sold through ICO, and distributed to investors.
All PMT token holders who have more than 2000 PMT, have the right to vote in DAO 2.0 (link: PMT holders, receive dividends from STO and listings, in the form of other tokens, from any number of PMT tokens, one-time. In the future, receive dividends at the ETH, received the dividend from STO tokens (in total, depending on the specific turnover of the application), by type, as dividends from shares of large companies, only then with specific games and applications.
Wish everyone a good day, developers, future users, investors and partners! Thank you for any feedback and Your opinion about the new platform, made with love, for a just future, all participants of the market of Android games, apps and #DApps.
Buy PMT token on: ,

Read more about the platform and past ICO:
DAO PlayMarket 2.0 App Store:
Download Android app DAO PlayMarket 2.0:
Developer's account Android, add your app:
Instructions for implementing a payment gateway in the application code:
Marketplace Dapps, on the ETH:
Platform for ICO/STO:
Managing nodes:
Group in Telegram:
Page in FaceBook:
Page on Twitter:
Youtube channel:
White paper EN:
Creators DAO PlayMarket 2.0:
Token Tracker:
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Alternative, DAO ANDROID APP STORE, DApps, on ETH blockchain, STO + DEX Exchange

Alternative, DAO ANDROID APP STORE, DApps, on ETH blockchain, STO + DEX Exchange
DAO PlayMarket 2.0 - is the alternative, decentralized marketplace of Android applications and games, DApps applications, on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), with the STO platform, for monetization of applications and a decentralized exchange.
Individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. So we created the smooth, stable lock store Android apps and the DApp store using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts for fast-growing, huge market of mobile applications for Android. Behind more than 2 and a half years of active development and improvements that continue to bring even more new features. You, as a developer, nothing to lose, can only benefit from publishing their developments on the platform and attract new users.
Now we are preparing to implement our international marketing plan, familiarity with the platform a large number of users, developers, and investors in dividend tokens of projects with the STO (Security Token Offering) platform and in the PMT token. Placing your application on DAO Playmarket 2.0 will be useful, especially if you have users from those countries and regions where the use of the built-in Google Play Market or some of your application is prohibited there, because of failures or non-compliance with politic. Like many crypto applications, or competing directories.
DAO PlayMarket 2.0 is the only decentralized Android app store that accepts payment in ETH cryptocurrency and a marketplace platform for Dapp applications on the Ethereum blockchain, in combination with the developer platform STO and DEX Crypto Exchange. The main goals and objectives of DAO PlayMarket 2.0 are the creation of a stable economic model for developers, investors and users, as well as the introduction of a single standard for the tokenization of the mobile application market. Automatic operation of the entire platform on more than 52 internal smart contracts and open source. Advantages of DAO PlayMarket 2.0 over other platforms:
On the platform of DAO Playmarket 2.0, via the web site and Android application, the user can:
  • Invest through STO, in the development of the application you like and receive dividend income in ETH, from it, buy and sell on the DEX exchange.
  • Receive additional benefits, for example, in the form of application tokens for purchasing it, or for performing actions within the application. Payments to users in Ethereum, for installing applications from developers, participants of STO. Soon the first payment for the installation, after the STO game CryptoDuel.
  • Get secure and uninterrupted access to a decentralized, censorship-resistant platform, both at the country level and at the level of specific mobile app stores.
  • Built-in mobile application and platform, DApps browser, based on MetaMask wallet, with a DApp application directory.
  • A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is integrated into the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 platform, which includes an open API.
  • Public and open source all the internal smart contracts, and documentation of the whole platform on GitHub.
  • Pay for purchases for cryptocurrency. All paid applications and in-app purchases are paid through the ETH cryptocurrency.
  • Holding 2000 PMT tokens, the user can vote for the further development of the entire project.
  • Holders PMT received dividends from STO and listings in the form of other tokens from any number of tokens PMT, a one-time.
Thus, the user gets a chance to be not just consumers, but also to participate actively in the work of the platform, contribute to, and benefit from financial benefits, to participate in the vote on the development platform.
  • The ability to produce a token of your Android application and distribute them among the current shareholders and to implement them on integrated platform STO (Security Token Offering - the location of the investment (security) tokens. Release tokens into the possession of investors, with the aim to dividends or voting rights. STO requires a license, approved by the SEC and other regulatory bodies).
  • DAO PlayMarket 2.0 will provide developers with simple and effective tools to promote your application, including a handy feedback between developers and users.
  • DApp mobile browser, with a directory of affiliate applications to attract users into Your infrastructure. Soon to be a full-fledged office developer DApp. Now can be added only with our help.
  • The platform is resistant to censorship — basic information is stored on the blockchain, which allows access to applications from anywhere in the World.
  • Commission platform is 1% (for others stores about 30%). This commission is taken as a node of the platform, as a reward for financial operations, support of the node and storing all files.
  • Payment to the developer of income from sales of his application and content within it for a strictly fixed period according to the concluded smart contract, as well as payments to all holders of a developer's token, a specific application.
  • The source code of all PlayMarket 2.0 internal smart contracts, the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 mobile app and the web site are available on GitHub. All platform documentation is open.
  • The ability to sell their applications and make domestic sales for cryptocurrency.
  • You Will also be available to all users of the platform, and other applications, from all countries of the planet Earth.
  • Push notification is implemented using pubsub system IPFS in order to meet decentralization.
  • Referral system for all application developers, soon.
  • The complete absence of bureaucracy.
To add your Android version of an application or game, you need to register via MetaMask the browser extension or file keys from the Ethereum wallet in the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 blockchain, as a developer - . Add an application, description, contacts, categories (now there are 2 subject categories with crypto applications and, among others), etc. information. Then, if necessary, update the version of your app, add any other development for free (the cost of gas for the transaction in the Ethereum network). Now You can sell your app for the cryptocurrency, or we help to start STO - monetization of Your apps, games, generating income (through the addition, by contact with our specialist in Telegrams ) and automatically add your new token ERC-20, domestic decentralized exchange DAO Playmarket 2.0. If you are going to put a link to download the app from PlayMarket DAO 2.0, alternatively, next to the link to download from Google Play Market, use the icon from here the verification Process of the developer - transfer code to confirm the authorship, implemented through ipfs/pubsub and mailing address with the Google Play store if the app is there.
Dapps for high-quality applications, we offer a reciprocal link exchange on Your Dapp from our directory, shopping sites in exchange for a link from a page with your instructions on how to access Your DApp, using a variety of wallets, Android app to Playmarket 2.0 - in the directory which will be your DApp. It is a browser Dapp based on MetaMask and a public account developers Dapp will also appear in the near future, as other improvements in this section. Now add to the catalog Dapp, occurs only with our help. If You already have your token, then its possible listing on the stock exchange DAO market, 5% of the total number of tokens, as in STO, which will go to dividends to all holders of the PMT token.
After placement, You will have access to all current and future users of the international multi-platform Game DAO 2.0, which potentially may be interested in and Your multilingual application Dapp.
Help at any stage of cooperation, consider various options, please contact us.
For stable operation of the platform, it is necessary to have a certain number of nodes in the network (now there are 10 nodes, the nodes in different countries, a link to a map with nodes) which provide reception and transmission of transactions to the blockchain, application transmission and information about them, and storing all files. The owners of the nodes as a motivation receive a reward in the form of 1% of processed transactions. This and all Commission platform.
The more users the platform will have, the more need nodes. To add your node to the list of trusted, its owner must make a guarantee deposit, in the base currency of the platform - 10 ETH and 5000 PMT token, on a smart contract. A Deposit is required as collateral and guarantees fairness in the node, while its size is computed dynamically based on the pass-through payment transactions. Details in the English language the white paper.
Investors who participated in the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 crowdsale who bought PMT tokens in 2017 now receive dividend income from PMF (PlayMarket Foundation). This fund is replenished by a 5 percent commission, with the release of application tokens on STO. The DEX exchange is already built into the platform, on which CDLT tokens of the first STO from CryptoDuel can already be exchanged for TUSD or ETH, as well as the PMT token. Exchange decentralized, and therefore more resistant to possible hacker attacks and disruptions in work.
The Ticker token DAO PlayMarket 2.0 - PMT. Standard tokens - ERC20 (the Ethereum blockchain). The total delivery volume of 3 000 000 PMT tokens (750 000 PMT frozen in development team for 2 years). In 2017, 2 250 000 PMT tokens were sold through ICO, and distributed to investors.
PMT holders automatically become members of the PMF Fund - PlayMarket Fund (wallet address fund). The main goal of the fund is to openly manage the resources of the Fund together with other members of DAO PlayMarket 2.0, to receive dividends. Application developers at DAO PlayMarket 2.0 can issue independent tokens for their applications. The PlayMarket Foundation saves 5% of tokens from each application hosted on the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 platform, as well as 5% from the listing of tokens of Dapp applications and Android applications, on the market exchange, for paying dividends to PMT token holders, based on their share.
All holders of tokens PMT that hold more than 2000 PMT token, have the right to vote in DAO 2.0, in all directions of further project development - all in the hands of users. Holders PMT received dividends from STO and listings in the form of other tokens from any number of tokens PMT, a one-time. In the future, receive dividends at the ETH, received the dividend from STO tokens (in total, depending on the specific turnover of the application), by type, as dividends from shares of large companies, only then with specific games and applications.
Wish everyone a good day, developers, future users, investors and partners! Thank you for any feedback and Your opinion about the new platform, made with love, for a just future, all participants of the market of Android games, apps and DApps, on the Ethereum blockchain.
Requires Android: 5.0 x and aboveEnglish interface: Yes
Download:Version: 1.4.24. Download APK file from the official website of the platform.
Developer: https://crypton.studioYouTube Video:
Screenshots of the internal functions of the platform:

Changes: update the app to version 1.4.21 - 1.4.24What's new:
  1. Added DApps Browser with support MetaMask- you can Now open any website with support MetaMask, and work with built-in wallet app.- By default the website opens
  2. The IPFS module updated to stable version 0.4.19 (you can update in settings).
  3. Changed the order of the updates and display the data on the pages of the wallet and dividends.
  4. In My application now displays the version name of the application and size, not just a code version of the application.
A decentralized exchange:
  1. Dobalina trading pair to TUSD.
  2. Implemented data updates through a WebSocket connection.
  3. Added chat (anonymous).
  1. The IPFS module on all nodes updated to the stable version 0.4.19.
  2. Transfer code to confirm the authorship is implemented through ipfs/pubsub.
  3. Website developer fixed bugs, made improvements on the interface.
Read more about the platform and the last in 2017 ICO: https://ico.playmarket.ioWebsite DAO PlayMarket 2.0 App Store: https://playmarket.ioDownload Android app DAO Game 2.0: add your app: https://dev.playmarket.ioPlatform for ICO/STO: nodes nodes: https://nodes.playmarket.ioGroup Telegram: in FB: on Twitter: Channel: paper EN: paper en: #Developers of #DAO #PlayMarket 2.0: https://crypton.studioGitHub: Tracker: token PMT: , , and
We look forward to seeing Your work on a decentralized platform, join the future!
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Community-led Discord AMA Transcript - October 12th, 2018

On October 12, our CEO - Marshall, Director of Product - Patrick, Director of Business Operations - Kristal, and Senior iOS Engineer - Ephraim stopped by the community-led Discord channel to answer your questions. Here’s a transcript of the questions and answers.

On Crumbs...

meakkineni: Can you give us some Crumbs stats? Like the number of downloads, total amount managed by Crumbs etc
Patrick: Unfortunately cannot go into detail but we are into the thousands of users.
meakkineni: From the jobs postings looks like you are recruiting more people for Crumbs. Can you tell us about some of the exciting new features that are going to be implemented?
Patrick: Expect to see on-demand purchase of crypto bundles, mainnet deposits and withdraws, integration with Metal Pay, and more coins! Over the coming months, we plan to offer lower fees for MTL holders, unlock features, and more!
Abu: Is Crumbs going to include any gamification aspects in the future? How is the marketing strategy for Crumbs differ from pay?
Patrick: Yes, we will add an element of gamification in the future, the current focus is user acquisition
Marshall: Yes big surprise coming here, but I'll save that one for later. the marketing strategy will be closely tied together for both apps as they are tied together, and you will see this from a technical and feature perspective as time progresses

On Metal Pay…

red: How come we don't have referrals yet? Are we holding the feature back for some reason?
Ephraim: Referrals is one of the most exciting features we have in the works, because not only is it a technical challenge on both front-end and back-end, but it also introduces a new way to earn Pop. In fact, we’re just about wrapping up and finalizing the details for this feature, while making plans to translate the tech to support even more ways to earn rewards in the app. Something to look out for in version 1.1.0 😏
flumpson: My biggest hurdle in getting people to sign up is that their bank doesn’t work. In my case it was Citi. When will there be router and account number signup for people who aren’t served by plaid?
Ephraim: Currently the app integrates Plaid, a bank-linking SDK that supports over 90% of U.S. banking customers and is used by some of the biggest names in FinTech. We are aware however that online banking is required with your financial institution, and one way around that is routing/account number input. This feature is on our roadmap as a new service that will verify your account via micro-deposit. TLDR; it’s definitely coming!
Mondo: How do you see Metal Pay taking market share from the more popular apps like Venmo and CashApp? What will convince new users to switch over?
Marshall: I really believe through innovation, amazing user experience and specifically the value proposition to users on new behaviors and new technology. Specifically, I believe PoPP and the interactions with crypto to be completely new behaviors that the mass market is yet to be introduced to. Being paid (currency not points) for making a payment? I think this is a new concept and one that Metal owns. What will convince them? This is the hard question. A viral campaign that gets our apps out there, with proper messaging and the right endorsements I believe is key. Finding the viral loop, increasing our K factor (number of invites that every new user brings). When I started this company I recognized that design, user interface, user experience, incentives, and proper information were the biggest holes in cryptocurrency. We are hitting on all of these pieces.
Mondo: “A viral campaign that gets our apps out there, with proper messaging and the right endorsements I believe is key. Finding the viral loop, increasing our K factor (number of invites that every new user brings)" - is there an estimated date for this campaign? I'm sure your community would love to help where possible as well.
Marshall: We are in the process now of smoke testing our campaign strategies, and we will certainly be involving the community as we begin.
biyamin: "I am not okay putting my social security number in [Metal Pay]. Is there another way?"
Ephraim: This is one of mostly heard feedback, and we’re aware of the friction it can cause among new users. However, it is due to our financial partners' requirements, U.S. law, and FDIC insured Cash balance (we create a bank account on behalf of users) that prompt us to ask for SSN during on-boarding. Rest assured, we have a plan in placed to make onboarding as streamlined as possible, especially when SSN no longer serves as a fool-proof means of identity verification, due to recent security breaches by large firms. Finally, we have in our roadmap to allow users onto the Metal platform with limited KYC.
Marshall: Yes in the future you will be able to skip over this requirement, however linking in personal information will make you eligible for PoPP (this serves as the anchor), without it you won't be able to access those rewards and some special features like having a bank account with us.
jake_eisenberg11: When will Metal Pay release in New York happen?
Marshall: This is a tough one, it will happen upon one of two things coming to fruition. An exchange partner joins us who has a Bitlicense and will deeply integrate their back-end with us or us acquiring our Money Transmission License for NY and the accompanying Bitlicense (which if this is the case will take at least 1 year). That being said we're shooting for the former obviously, a partner to help us fast track and we've got a few in the pipeline
[A bunch of different people]: When will Metal Pay release in [insert location here]?
Kristal: I can assist with all the WHEN will Metal Pay release in MY STATE or COUNTRY. We have no firm timelines on either, but we are pursuing all states and expanding to Europe/Asia simultaneously… Ditto for Crumbs.
Jan: Quick one - Metal Pay debit cards?
Marshall: VERY SOON, it's next up on our feature roadmap
redruggles5: Really excited about Metal Pay for merchants, particularly micro-business. Are you able to tell us how that will look and where in the timeline that is? Do you have plans to integrate with current bookkeeping software like QuickBooks, plans for accepting credit cards/integration with Pay, etc? The biggest objection I get is in regards to integration with their current system, the ability to accept cards, addition of QR codes or another private way for customers to pay besides their phone number. Lastly, will there be a separate referral system for merchants?
Marshall: We are very excited as well, in terms of merchants we are going to start with the integrations into existing POS. Integrating with QuickBooks and Intuit are a must for crypto record keeping for S/M/L business, we have ambitious plans for this. Referral system for merchants via consumer - YES.
ekasu: Is there a possibility to increase the Metal Pay bank transfer speed (from 1 day or so currently to within the same day like Venmo) to increase competitiveness/attraction?
Marshall: Yes with Instant ACH for US customers, a feature we will be adding and is in the PF board on Jira
Bitcoinbella: Are there any plans for retail stores to use Metal yet?
Marshall: Yes, a big part of our plan of attack here is to launch first with the debit card so we can go anywhere Visa/MC is accepted. The next step is to go after small business with technical integrations through payment partners as well as simple QR codes at the register similar to Wechat/Alipay (China really inspires me). Technical integrations - this means WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify,, etc, and for physical brick and mortar stores working directly with processors (lots of them see Square as a threat and are much larger, eventually Square will go to cut out interchange and stick it to the credit card companies, many partnership opportunities abound)
jake_eisenberg11: When cannabis merchant service?!?!?!
Marshall: We have pivoted away from high-risk merchants, that being said crypto is like cash and is permission-less. The bank poses no restrictions on what you do with cash withdrawn from the ATM unless you are doing something that could be considered illegal or pose harm to the bank. Very similar to us, replace paper cash with crypto.
ekasu: What is the deadline looking for these features: (a) transfer Metal to erc20 wallet/Metal vault; (b) use Metal Pay with merchants
Marshall: Mainnet deposit/withdrawal early end of this year or January. Metal merchants will kick off with our card integration for consumers, integrations for Merchant will start next year (upon hiring more developers) Glenn very early on built a very cool WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. These integrations for WP, Shopify, etc will come first and most likely early in 2019.
meakkineni: Looking at things so far, I have a feeling that PoPP score implementation has barely started. What is the time frame we are looking for it to go live?
Marshall: PoPP score is implemented just not integrated into the UI, this is a high priority one for us.

On MTL...

Decoder1: There's been talk about making the MTL token more prominent in both Crumbs and MetalPay. Some things which have been mentioned are discounted fee's, moving it to the top of the buy list, unlocking special features and obviously the increased POPP score which has already been confirmed. Are these still in the works or have they been shelved? If so are there any other bonus features Metal are considering?
Marshall: I'm really looking forward to adding these additional features to highlight the special function of MTL inside the Metal ecosystem of apps. Some things that have not been talked about yet are early access on special features for users with a MTL balance, gamified features to unlock surge PoPP, partner integrations and more.
NilesCrane: What will be the utility of the MTL token when other tokens are available to be popped? What will being the 'native currency' for the Metallicus apps involve and why would you expect this to drive the token price higher when other tokens are available in the same network?
kt: When will we start to see some other utilities for the MTL token through pay and Crumbs etc, other than the existing PoPP mechanism, and what are they likely to be?
Ephraim: We have a grand vision of how Metal and Pop will play a role in your daily experience on the Metal platform. Although we can’t go into too much detail into the features we have in our roadmap, we can say that MTL token will be an essential part of the Metal platform and overall ecosystem. Earning Pop when making payments is the stepping stone to realizing this vision, as we become the best, most rewarding, and user-friendly payments/crypto platform on the market.
Deaethtofiat: Will Metal's [ticker] still be changing?
Marshall: That [$XMT] is something we want to do upon announcing our mainnet chain.
Tblgu: Did Metal pay a fee for Bittrex relisting?
Kristal: Simple answer is no. We haven't seen any American-based exchanges charging for listings, and we believe the Bittrex re-listing was based entirely on the merits of our company.
marc0o: I know it might take a while until Metal reaches Europe. My favorite and IMO very promising exchange (Lykke) often gets the question whether PayPal can be used to deposit EUR or FIAT in general. Do you think it would be possible and useful to partner up with exchanges to provide FIAT deposits/withdraws?
Marshall: Yes we absolutely do and are talking to top exchanges right now, there are so many exchanges that are crypto/crypto only and we think we make a very nice fit for an integration to be the onramp/offramp, p2p payments, spending and link to the merchant world. This is a critical part of our business model and so far we are seeing HEAVY interest.
lemme: Why is Metal selling so much $MTL from the operational pool for such a low price?
Marshall: Selling and spending are two different things, so I think one of the assumptions is that selling = spending which is not the case. Yes, we are selling MTL to fund our operating bank, but not spending it at the rate that we are selling it. We are doing this because of three reasons: (1) We raised a very small amount last year to build out our apps (which arguably we have delivered) $3m vs most crypto startups raising $20m+ and we have delivered much, much more. (2) We need to demonstrate a full year of burn in the bank account to close the audit. (3) We need to close the audit to retain our money transmission licenses to get all fifty states, Europe as well, in addition to certain features like in app-exchange that we do directly. We're actively growing the company and as soon as we close Series A we will stop selling and focus on accumulating (not only MTL, but certainly as much MTL as we can get our hands on while diversifying).
ekasu: How likely is that more MTL is taken out of the operational pool in the short term, which can decrease the price much more?
Marshall: MTL will be taken out of the operational pool until the successful closing of our financing round which we are in the process of right now
meakkineni: Have you come up with any other significant use cases for MTL apart from BNB style use case in Crumbs and building a better PoPP score?
Marshall: Yes, and you will be hearing more about that as we plan to release an updated paper showcasing the fully decentralized aspects of the chain we are building.

On Metal…

marc0o: I hope I remember it right. A while ago Marshall talked about Metal being a service targeting people that do not have a bank account. Is this still on the roadmap?
Marshall: Yes it is. I know it may not appear that way right now but I firmly believe a good product keeps a narrow execution and a large vision. So the first part of the network and what will eventually become decentralized is starting on the equivalent of testnet or centralized (this is not too different than Bitcoin or Ethereum in the early days). We’re starting with linked bank accounts and moving to keep that as an option that people can skip over and opt to choose a stable coin, all while creating a Metal profile and [obtaining a] PoPP score.
Parker: Would Metal consider doing token buybacks (a la BNB)? Are they even legal in the U.S.? Could doing so make Metal a security?
Marshall: As a company, we will buy different cryptocurrencies at different times depending upon the market situation, buying MTL is something that we will do, as far as any guarantee to x amount being bought back per quarter or percentage of profit, that is most likely indefinitely off the table for a US company.
CryptoSheffield: Do you “own” the PoPP concept?
Marshall: We own trademarks yes, the first mention of media and are working on a provisional patent. This type of thing is very hard to get a patent for even harder to defend right now.
Future: Some people noticed Sid no longer on the website. Has he moved on? If so what's the story there?
Kristal: Sid put together some beautiful designs and helped shape and create the early stages of Metal until it's launch. As we move into the next stage of post-launch, we amicably parted ways with Sid and wish him continued success wherever he goes. As a company, we're on the hunt for a Principal Designer to continue our progress on great design and user interface, to push us into the next phase of our product.
Marshall: I'd also like to add design is incredibly important to me and the reason I hired Sid. If you follow my work from my first crypto/fintech startup I've always been a stickler for amazing user experience and design, specifically with Metal I'm going above and beyond and creating what I believe to be a work of art, something that will be on showcase in the Moma in 20 years from now on a design exhibit.
SciGuy: You guys still thinking of launching in Korea? Of all the places, this is where I'm actually going to be paying very close attention. Korea loves crypto.
Marshall: BIG TIME. We want to enter the Korean market ASAP as we know we have quite a few fans there. The goal is to quickly enter the international market by the end of this year. Now that Nebula is working the next hurdles are bank/FI partners, licensing, localization and marketing (its more complicated than that but those are the critical pieces to expansion). Keep in mind we will be allowing anyone in the world to sign up in the future and skip bank while choosing a stablecoin as their "bank" fiat choice. This goes back to the unbanked question. If we just release a crypto wallet and say tada we've banked the unbanked... have we really? I'm serious when I say it. And you can see it in the progression with our products and the vision. Gotta link existing banked citizens along with merchants and unbanked, they all must be in the same ecosystem. Otherwise, the dream can't become a reality.
andrea: I would like to ask about timing. I remember there was a talk about things that could be done before EOY such as new crypto implementing PoPP; debit card, series A round.
Marshall: Yes, I'm happy to say this is all on track. In terms of fundraising round, I believe the missing link for us is demonstrating user growth and b2b client acquisition, something we are working on fiercely right now. One of the things I saw in Dogecoin community that was really awesome was the involvement of the community in viral campaigns (especially for good) such as NascaJosh Wise, Doge for water, Sending the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics.
nofomo: Anything you can share about things to look forward to before EOY? Any big partnerships, etc.? From a marketing perspective, are there ways that MTL can showcase or communicate SEC compliance more? Not to flaunt it, but as people scramble out of bad projects/Tether, etc., it might help to get more info out there. When Desk, and can we expect to see USD/MTL pairs?
Marshall: We have quite a few new features coming: PoPP in under ten minutes always, PoPP notifier so you can know if a payment is PoPP eligible, API for other companies (exchanges, cryptos, FIs), adding more cryptos for PoPP funnel, buy functionality, mainnet deposit/withdrawal. Partnerships we have a few big ones in the pipeline 😉 In terms of compliance I think our actions speak louder than words, we operated very differently than 99% of the other companies in the space and focused heavily on compliance in a rapidly evolving landscape. We were chastised initially for keeping the token offering private and to accredited but in the long run this was the correct way to operate and we're seeing that now. Desk/Vault is postponed until next year as we have more than enough to conquer right now on Pay/Crumbs... USD/MTL pairs, soon!!! Not just with us, but on other exchanges we anticipate.
meakkineni: Has any other banks shown interest in Metal lately?
Marshall: Yes, a few big ones, as well as smaller tier 2 banks
meakkineni: Is there any tangible benefit Metal has gained so far by sponsoring Necker Cup?
Marshall: Yes, quite a bit with partners we are in talks with now, in addition to bringing in investors in our next financing round... Not to forget influencers!
cryptoandcannabis: Is there any institutional support for Metal being shown, even in preliminary stages? Now that traditional asset custodians such as Fidelity are in the mix maybe MTL can become a slice of people's crypto asset class
Marshall: We are starting to see interest from the big custodians in the space, very exciting times. Fidelity recently entering has really helped this, in addition, several trust companies are opening up.

On Metal Blockchain…

1Chance: Will [Metal] consider supporting any of the stablecoins?
Marshall: Yes, all of the good ones we will be supporting.
Yannik: Will be some parts of the new Metal Blockchain open source? And based on Stellar?
Marshall: Yes it most certainly will be open source and anyone can connect to our public network. Based on Stellar? Where are you getting this information? 😛
Québécoiserie: Are you working on Metal Blockchain now or has it not started yet?
Marshall: We are in the very beginning phases and testing the assumptions for PoPP on our centralized back-end. Additionally, we are in the process of raising a funding round, The Metal Foundation will be running the open source initiative when we launch it next year.
Decoder1: There is a lot of talk about a Metal blockchain - this sounds exciting but also quite ambitious because it can take years to achieve the fine tuning and security required to develop a new blockchain. Would it be PoW? PoS? Wouldn't it be easier to build a side chain on Ethereum like Loom, or build something on Cosmos SDK to take advantage of existing layer 1 security solutions? If you plan to one day PoPP with other tokens Cosmos might be a good idea. My concern is that with a small team and many things like Desk, Merchant, revamped Vault, new features on the App, Android, new regions, that Metal might be biting off more than it can chew. So if you could elaborate more on these plans that would be great!
Marshall: This is a correct assumption and we are already doing a lot, there is a reason we have put Vault/Desk on hold while we focus on Crumbs and Pay. In terms of the blockchain side, we are staying agnostic and specifically with the consensus mechanism we are looking at lots of options. We will, without a doubt, be leveraging other chains for interoperability. Jae Kwon is a good friend of mine and I think Cosmos has a lot of potential (I'm an investor full disclosure), I also look at the work that has been done with Komodo leveraging the bitcoin blockchain, I find this very interesting as well. The idea here is that this will be a non-profit initiative under The Metal Foundation and not directly intertwined with Metallicus Inc. the private company.
meakkineni: Lately we have been talking more about Metal Blockchain than Metal Merchant. Has the focus shifted?
Marshall: The focus has not shifted, one of the things that did change from the inception of the project until now is that we've decided to stay away from re-inventing POS and merchant software, we feel that it is better to partner with processors than try to replace them ala Square

On ???...

Sporklin: I did warn I came with a vital question. @Marshall Shoes, you are known in the crypto space for having good taste in clothes. What is on your feet at the moment?
Marshall: Hey @Sporklin!!!! Long time no see and thank you. Ok check it out, these ones are steezy and I just picked them up.
Yannik: Is Kangen Water still available in the office?
Marshall: Yes, still on tap, always. Kangen 9.5.
Parker: how many fingers am I holding up?
Marshall: Two? 🤘
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Con l’app Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet potete inviare e ricevere i Bitcoin usando il vostro Smartphone Android. Molto buona la funzionalità di stoccaggio a freddo che garantisce al 100% i fondi fino a quando non si è pronti a spenderli, funziona per il vostro portafogli di carta, chiavi private. Bitcoin Ticker Widget. L'app Bitcoin Ticker Widget consente di visualizzare e monitorare i tassi di ... Apart from bitcoin, the android mining app has the ability to mine any cryptocurrency that makes use of the SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms. Its hashrate is fixed at 1 megahash. Furthermore, the android app allows users to select the number of processing threads they intend for the miner to use in processing the cryptographic transactions. ‎Mit der offiziellen App können Sie schnell und komfortabel alle Kryptowährungen kaufen und verkaufen, die auf dem Marktplatz von zum Handel gegen Euro angeboten werden (BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV etc.). Bleiben Sie informiert: Nutzen Sie den Kurswecker der App und lassen Sie sich unve… Bitcoin Ticker Widget (XBT Apps) Here’s one more app for Android and iOS devices called Bitcoin Ticker Widget. This one is similar to Coin Stats in a sense that it does all the same things: sources prices from exchanges, provides historic trade volume data, sends push notifications and gives to access to latest crypto news. The main difference between these two is that you can check each ... Bitcoin Price is a crypto app which works as your personal coin ticker. Bitcoin is the future of money. Make your bitcoin investment and track the current bitcoin value easily. Make it your ...

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How to Code Google Sheets to Track Cryptocurrencies ...

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Apps for Android 2018 available on GooglePlay and in this list top 5 Cryptocurrency apps for Android as well as apps that accommodate other cryptocurrencies. Here are the must ... Check out the blog post: ===== Join our wealth building community for investors and entrepreneurs: https:... Brand new investments, upgrades, news ticker items, and more, all waiting for your tap-happy hands to unlock. Features: - New Prehistoric Era, complete with cavemen, marble computers, and other ... Crypto coin price tracker application for Android. You have 3 widgets 2 price tickers for track coin price and percent change in last 24 hours 1 single coin portfolio to track total value of one ... in this video, i was trying to explain the basic of getting data from bitcoin exchange API using and display them on our website. in the next video i will be showing how to wrap the data up in ...