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KNC Miner PERMABANNED for asking awkward questions

I didn't want to do this, the whole "go to reddit with your complaints" but I obviously can't keep my questions to the official forums any more.
I created the following thread in two areas of the forum, they have both been deleted since my ban, which is out of the ordinary, as you can usually see peoples post history but the tag BANNED would show up underneath their username.
You can see here the history of the KNC Miner owned pool over the weeks leading up to the release of the Neptune through until today.
Source : http://organofcorti.blogspot.com.au/...n-network.html
June 1st 6.49% June 8th 6.14% June 15h 3.13% June 22nd 6.35% June 29th 5.31% July 6th 5.31% July 13th 4.11% July 20th 4.20% July 27th 3.56% August 3rd 4.37% August 10th 3.52% August 17th 3.56% August 24th 3.89% August 31st 2.96% September 7th 2.85% September 14th 3.70% September 21st 3.92% September 28th 4.64% October 6th 4.74%
At the beginning of this time period the difficulty was 10,456,000,000, the difficulty is now 35,002,000,000, overall growth of 334%.
The June 1st results (6.49% of approx 80PH) would indicate a hashrate of about 5.2PH
The October 6th results (4.74% of approx 260PH) would indicate a hashrate of 12.3PH
An approximate growth of 7.1PH for the KNC Miner pool over the time period since the Neptune announcement and deliveries began.
Assuming 3.6TH per Neptune, this growth would indicate an additional 1972 Neptunes (7100 / 3.6) that have been added to the private KNC Miner pool over the last four months.
This, while customers are still awaiting delivery of their Neptunes + Bonus Neptunes.
You can see a gradual decline of the % of total hashrate up until late August or early September, this decline is only in relative terms to the total growth of the Bitcoin network. The KNC Mining pool hashrate continued to grow throughout this period. It allows us to pinpoint where they seem to have completely stopped giving a damn about paying customers and started really focusing on themselves.
Here it is, the best evidence I could find to support the accusations that KNC are giving us the shaft.
Anyone from KNC care to comment on this?
I saved that post as I expected I might get banned for that rather than get answers, sadly I did not archive what followed so I have to paraphrase from memory.
The response I got from Kurt was that the growth I was looking at was due to the spare 28nm chips they had laying around.
I did the math on that.
I make a post pointing out that this growth would be the equivalent of 10,000 Jupiters (assuming 700GHs ea) being added to the KNC Miner pool.
I asked if this is what they're really trying to tell us has happened, if we're meant to believe that this is the case.
I ask that KNC Miner state for certain that they have not used any of the 20nm SHA256 chips in their mining centers while customer orders are outstanding.
One other person posted in that thread asking similar questions, he was banned as well but his posts remained.
No reply.
I restated my questions but made the 'mistake' of asking if we can 'get some fucking answers'.
The announcement where KNC Miner promised a Bonus Neptune.
"Thanks to KnCMiner’s offer, each customer who ordered a first or second batch Neptune, will get a minimum 6TH for each order, with their original 3TH product shipped in June and the free “third batch” machine delivered in August."
We are now in October, they have made no announcements, no explanations and no apologies.
The only information that is available is by following the staff accounts on the forums and trying to put together what little scraps of information they give out piecemeal across multiple threads.
FUCKING (I can swear here) GIVE US SOME ANSWERS!!!
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BIT.ASIC: Our KnCMiner Orders ( 680 GH/s to 720 GH/s ) will ship by October 15th 2013

We are excited to announce that KnCMiner has confirmed a shipping timeline for the BIT.ASIC orders totaling between 680 GH/s to 720 GH/s.
KnCMiner Orders: The following orders are confirmed to ship by October 15th 2013.
Order #3246, pay-dated 7/3/2013, for 1 KnCMiner (~137+ GH/s Mercury Bitcoin Miner) (Purchased and Confirmed) with the Sep 30th news update from the manufacturer this unit is now estimated to perform at 137+ GH/s which was previously thought to produce ~100 GH/s
Order #4345, pay-dated 7/23/2013, for 1 KnCMiner (550+ GH/s Jupiter Bitcoin Miner) (Purchased and Confirmed) with the Sep 30th news update from the manufacturer this unit is now estimated to perform at 550+ GH/s - they demonstrated this unit performing at 576 GH/s on their YouTube channel - this unit was previously thought to produce ~400 GH/s
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7Th/s KNCMiner Jupiter and Bitfury Bitcoin Miners 7000Gh/s KNC Not Cointerra for sale best offer in BTC gets it.

Listing a package of mining gear that averages about 7Th/s at the pool, in this case BTC Guild. Hash rate will vary between about 6800-7050 but could move by as much as 10% like most miners. I cherry picked a number of units from my collection of primarily KNC gear to focus on high performing systems that provide a great hash rate with reasonable
Since some potential buyers have asked I pulled up a Bitcoin calculator for 7Th/s with BTC = $560 USD. Obviously with the variable exchange rate, and difficulty increases estimated it's a possible look but not for sure.
This Difficulty Coins Dollars per Day 0.70310438 BTC $393.74 per Week 4.92173067 BTC $2,756.17 per Month 21.37437318 BTC $11,969.65 this diff (est) 4.59761908 BTC $2,574.67 Next Difficulty [estimated] Coins Dollars per Day 0.61923263 BTC $346.77 per Week 4.33462844 BTC $2,427.39 per Month 18.82467208 BTC $10,541.82
All KNCMiner systems running 1.0 firmware with custom clock and voltage settings, clock settings I use not allowed in the stock firmware but all running solid and tested for weeks now. All units have custom fans installed to help maintain ASIC and VRM temperatures.
To maintain the listed hash rates units will need to be run with covers off, ambient temperature where I run all KNC units in my crowded basement is about 78F.
6 x KNCMiner November Jupiter with EVGA 1000W Power Supply - 5500Gh/s 1 x KNCMiner October Jupiter 6 module with Lepa 1600W Power Supply - 1025Gh/s 1 x Bitfury 16 Card System with Raspberry Pi 32GB SD and custom Case, Thermaltake Power Supply - 500Gh/s
Pics available upon request.
Send me an offer want to sell today.
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KnCMiner Jupiter November Batch 670GH/s+ 28nm ASIC chips Overview Jupiter Bitcoin Miner  Hands On Open Unbox ASIC KNCMINER NEPTUNE Bitcoin miner KNCminer Jupiter Unboxing and Setup ASIC KNCMINER NEPTUNE Bitcoin miner Work

Here's a short but interesting video posted by Engadget that features Alex Lawn of KnCMiner discussing their super-powerful Jupiter bitcoin miner, which KnCMiner, a joint venture between an IT consulting firm and a chip designer, recently opened up preorders for its bitcoin mining products. And this week, it announced increases in the performance ... You are here: Home / eStore / Bitcoin Mining / KNCminer Jupiter. KNCminer Jupiter. KNCminer Jupiter. Rating: List Price: unavailable Sale Price: $6,500.00 (as of 12/23/2014 17:33 UTC - Details) Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days: Product Description. KNC Miner out performed the competition by bringing this truly amazing machine to market first and with previously unheard of speed ... STOCKHOLM, October 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --. KnCMiner AB, das eben erst neu gegründete und schon enorm schnell aufsteigende Bitcoin-Miner-Unternehmen aus Schweden, dem bereits Anfang dieser Woche ... KnCMiner Jupiter launch. During its existence, KnCGroup attracted a total of more than $29 million in investments, closing the last round of financing of $ 3 million in December 2015. In addition to bitcoin mining, the company was also engaged in the production of mining equipment. So, in June 2015, was implemented Solar ASIC devices that are designed to improve the efficiency of mining. Once ...

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KnCMiner Jupiter November Batch 670GH/s+ 28nm ASIC chips Overview

If you are interested in cloud mining, please help by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/Iyf6bM - It's an interesting and very easy alternative to hardware-ba... Bitcoin Miner +3Th/s Neptune is our first 20nm product. ----- E' stata una sorpresa, mi aspettavo un design come il suo predecessore ma, come potete vedere, hanno utilizzato 5 moduli separati ... Video of me opening and setting up my KNC Jupiter bitcoin miner. If I can do it, anyone can. If you like my video and it helped you set up your knc miner ASAP, please donate bitcoin. ASIC KNCMINER NEPTUNE Bitcoin miner *** forced ventilation *** - Duration: 0:23. Zio Mik 1,339 views. 0:23. Bi•Fury - Fastest USB ASIC Bitcoin Miner in the world! - Duration: 1:03. FP IT ... Unbox and setup of a Kncminer.com Jupiter 550Ghps Bitcoin Miner.