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Tried my first Bitcoin ATM today. 12% immediately out the door in fees. And they say banks are the thieves. VirWox only took 8%.

Tried my first Bitcoin ATM today. 12% immediately out the door in fees. And they say banks are the thieves. VirWox only took 8%. submitted by MontyTheMooch to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

How big will the fees be for Virwox? /r/Bitcoin

How big will the fees be for Virwox? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

For the ppl whos trying to buy btc no Id or anything and its with PayPal the fees are high but its worth it u do need verified PayPal acc which is by linking your bank account which u can later remove it and add a credit card thank me later :) max u can buy for first ti /r/Bitcoin

For the ppl whos trying to buy btc no Id or anything and its with PayPal the fees are high but its worth it u do need verified PayPal acc which is by linking your bank account which u can later remove it and add a credit card thank me later :) max u can buy for first ti /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Tried my first Bitcoin ATM today. 12% immediately out the door in fees. And they say banks are the thieves. VirWox only took 8%.

Tried my first Bitcoin ATM today. 12% immediately out the door in fees. And they say banks are the thieves. VirWox only took 8%. submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

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Tried my first Bitcoin ATM today. 12% immediately out the door in fees. And they say banks are the thieves. VirWox only took 8%.
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I Finally Got Some Bitcoin Easily using (at a %37 Transaction Fee)

So I just used, and I should be getting 0.025 Bitcoin as soon as the withdrawal is done! It was fairly easy, however the $19 of Bitcoin at current prices cost me $30 when all was said and done. Had to pay to deposit, pay to transfer USD to Linden Dollars, pay to transfer Linden to BTC, pay to withdraw BTC, and left small amounts of money behind on every step due to VirWox transaction resolutions. A 37% transaction fee is pretty shitty. It would be reduced at higher amounts, but you cannot do large amounts until months after creating a virwox account.
I tried for a week solid to get some Bitcoin back in the April dip after the excitement and had every single attempt fail. At least I finally have some. I just find the whole technology side really interesting and wanted to have some skin in the game.
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Two Years in Ark - A Brief Retrospective

Two Years in Ark - A Brief Retrospective

It was two years ago, June 11, 2017 at 2:40:26 AM EST, when delegate arkmoon officially registered on the ARK mainnet.
It had been roughly 4 years since I'd even looked at anything crypto-related, considering the fall of Mt. Gox had shaken investors to the core. Back then, crypto was still mostly the Wild West. You could only get Bitcoin through sites like Virwox after losing 20-40% in fees as you transferred from PayPay to Second Life Linden to Bitcoin... or shady sites where you had to use Dwolla or mail someone a money order and pray they didn't rip you off... or try your luck mining some of the new Bitcoin forks (e.g. Vertcoin, etc.) but odds are you weren't going to break even for at least 6 months, and I was too poor to buy and hodl long term.
When I heard "bitcoin" mentioned on a mainstream radio station in May, 2017, I scrambled to dig out old hard drives, CD-R's, laptops. Anything I might have had an old wallet on, but alas, I had sold it all in 2013 at a loss (anything that hadn't been stolen already).
Ethereum. "Hmm, that's new," I thought. And so, down the rabbit hole I fell, trying to decide now what to invest in. Bitcoin, yes, and some Ethereum. Ok, but the blockchains for these took days and weeks to download before I could even use them. There were new exchanges, such as Kraken and Bittrex. The fees were lower, and so I got started.
Then, one night in June, I found ARK. I'm not sure exactly how. Going through the list of coins available, ARK stood out in the fact that you didn't need to download an entire blockchain to start using it. You just downloaded the desktop wallet, and you had coins transferred in 8 seconds. So easy, it was something your grandma could do.
And then I continued to read about it. What it was built on, and how it worked. "Delegated Proof of Stake", definitely more affordable and environmentally friendly than running GPUs and ASICs with thousands of watts for mining POW coins.
"ARK, then."
I registered arkmoon delegate in an effort to solve a problem. Back in June, 2017, Ark delegates had a problem with pool hoppers. Delegates would schedule manual payouts either once per day or once per week. And right before a payout would happen, these pool hoppers would jump in and vote, essentially stealing potential rewards from loyal voters.
My initial delegate proposal was simple. Vote for me; I want to create a system that credits voters at the block-level, so they earn only if are voting for you, and you'll never have to worry about blacklisting pool hoppers again. I got virtually no support, which was frustrating. It got to the point where I simply removed myself from Ark from about June till September since no one had been voting for me. I'd like to take a second here to give a shoutout to delegate jarunik, who offered words of encouragement during this stressful time. Eventually, in October, 2017, a mysterious benefactor with over a million Ark decided to give me a chance by voting for me. Eventually, they slowly backed away while I gained my own voters organically through my dedication and higher share rate. For this chance, I am eternally grateful.
Around this time, the first biz delegate was created from 4chan, fat-fingered his payout and was begging for my solution. biz or the person behind it lasted a week, then was voted out in favor of the much more responsible GoldenPepe and his team biz_classic, who were able to release the first block-level payout script that was eventually adopted by (most) delegates. I say most, because there were several who never adopted it, and suffered as a consequence.
As time went on, we had our fair share of scammers; people who would write decent proposals, and would run off with their forging rewards. Delegates who had zero technical skill who doubled forged on the network. We've had a delegate publish their private passphrase on the blockchain. But all-in-all, things continued forward, and dedicated delegates appeared to mostly where we are today.
Then, we hit the big bull run in December, 2017 and everything was peachy. I had only been a delegate for less than 2 months, and really didn't have anything accumulated, but 2018 looked promising, so I kept working hard on building e-commerce and tax assistance sites to support the Ecosystem. As we all know now, we've been full bear mode for the past two years, but I have stuck with Ark in spite of it all simply due to the dedication I've consistently seen from the core Ark team and its delegates.
The Ark team has been consistently improving the stability and security of the blockchain, even as the price has fallen as low as it's been. Delegates such as alessio are dedicated solely on making sure the blockchain is secure, and delegates such as goose and I have been trying to develop useful tools to help both delegates and potential ARK users alike. We have cams_yellow_jacket producing professional videos, and thegoldenhorde continually impressing the community with their merch and awesome designs. Delegate arkland has amazing raffles. I can honestly say that I am proud to be part of this community.
Now, with the Ark Deployer, we are starting to see new people pop up in the Slack channels, asking how they can start up their own blockchains. The first person to start up their own chain is an accountant by profession, with little server-side experience and was able to get an Ark sidechain running in less than 24 hours. The true Ark Ecosystem is starting to form, and I am hopeful for the future.
I'd like to just take a moment to thank all my voters, and to all of you in the Ark Ecosystem for your continued support. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I am thankful for how far we've come.
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Europeans : If we convince @neteller (island of man) to accept BTC, then we could get cash from BTC in less than 10 minutes, leaving banks out of the game.

Some months ago I tried to see how fast I could get cash from BTC. I tried a tricky strategy that now doesn't work anymore. I used neteller which is hosted in Island of Man, recently prised for its BTC friendly environment for businesses, with some nice feature for privacy and taxes.
here is how :
If we simply get @neteller to accept BTC as a form of money in, that would make the trick.
Or, are any other ways to achieve the same result, leaving banks out of the game?
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[Community Call to Action] - Get Bitcoin Services to Upgrade

I think now that we've added the new privacy features, successfully performed 3 upgrades and demonstrated we can overcome conflict and push forward as a decentralized community, the time has come to share this new version if Bitcoin with the world.
We should let all cryptocurrency services and websites know that a new version of Bitcoin has come out, and that they should upgrade!
Bitcoin Core was version 0.1, and now Bitcoin Cash is stable and ready for commerce. We should let people know they'll never run into problems with fees, that they can transact publicly or privately, that they have a vibrant community of developers willing to support them, and that this is Bitcoin 1.0. It just works.
For 10 years, we've endured tedious trial and error on our journey to getting this new form of money right. We tried side-chains, second layers and different consensus protocols to no avail. We've picked the best technologies--the solutions that worked--and bundled them into one package: Bitcoin Cash.
We should start by ensuring services are running the latest Bitcoin Cash version. One example would be
We should also look at services like virwox which accept payment in Bitcoin, but don't use Bitcoin Cash. If we can convince them that our currency is cheaper, newer, faster and better, they might make the switch.
Ensuring our infrastructure is strong and that our community continues to grow will keep us on the path to success. To those ambassadors who work every day to make our vision a reality, keep up the amazing work you do.
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How to Use PayPal to Buy & Convert Bitcoin: A Simple Guide

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How do you buy bitcoins from other countries? ( Not US , EU countries )

I would like to buy bitcoins, however since I am from Maldives. I am having one hell of a tough time.
So at first I gave coinbase a try, it does not support any bank/ card. Tried circle, the same result. And checked out the others with the same result.
Then I decided to give Skrill and Neteller a try. Skrill is a complete fraud( says it's global even though it does not support many countries ). Neteller, however did support adding funds from the debit card. So once that's done. I wanted to buy bitcoins from neteller. Now that was a complete disaster. At localbitcoins, the transfer rate from neteller to bitcoin was around 800USD per BTC, even though the rate is 400USD per BTC now. Then there is VirWox, I am not sure how that works.
So I am completely stuck for the time being. Anyone know where i can buy bitcoins?
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Some things you may not know about BCH

  1. You (anyone) can open a web-wallet quite easily to get started: is open-source, or - in case you don't have a smartphone app like Jaxx or Coinomi these are temporary wallets just to get you started.
  2. You don't have to buy coin. You (anyone) can earn bch through tips here on reddit, or twitter thanks to /tipp tippr or similar bots.
  3. Anyone can also earn bch right now too on by posting updates that people might find interesting and/or useful. This is an amazing thing, and makes me think a lot of other platforms for earning are coming soon.
  4. You can buy gift-cards using bch on - if amazn ships to you this means you can buy foods and stuff to live off of (rice/beans/soylent?etc). Disclaimer: I do not work and am not associated with any of these projects. This one it seems they're getting a lot of orders so they're still working out the kinks. ( This seems like a huge business opportunity to try and work around the stranglehold that visa and mastercard have on payments. - edit: I just realized (if they're in stock) you can buy other types of giftcards (instead of or including amzn) and sell them for cash on many card-to-cash websites, and sometimes even local kiosks.
  5. Depending on where you are in the world some places, for example claim you can sell bch for fiat (if you really have to). YMMV and I have not done this. Remember, some banks hate crypto since it challenges them. If you're thinking of doing bank transfers to fiat from exchanges be careful - the bank may shut down your account! They may also cut-off links between exchanges at any time.
  6. Some places like BitPay offer crypto 'debit cards' where you can fill up with btc (not yet bch?) and then spend it like you're used to anywhere visa is accepted, but don't expect these to be around forever because they rely on visa partnerships, so don't expect them to always keep fees low either.
  7. If you don't like using Coinbase or other privacy-invasive services your options for converting bch to fiat are increasingly slim. You can try any number of exchanges that offer bch/fiat but keep in mind that security, sharing bank account info and ID info can be a big risk and sometimes the fees are huge, alternatives might include virtual exchanges such as but the process goes something like BCH -> litecoin LTC -> to linden (exchange may not be cheap) -> to fiat to then withdraw fiat to skrill or paypal - fees might be steep there too and paypal hasn't been too friendly with this idea. But if you're thinking of going this route you can use Shapeshift to convert bch to ltc through coinomi.
  8. The more places that offer ways to spend bch, the more local need for putting it back into fiat is not required. However, it is a catch-22 to expect merchants to be able to buy stock from others who are not using crypto yet and start accepting bch. Most people don't understand blockchain and with it crypto so if you're planning on asking your local shopkeeper to accept bitcoin you better have a way to make it clear to them the many advantages but also how they can use their own bch to buy produce/materials to keep the business running. (Maybe via #4). This (in my opinion) is the greatest barrier to wider bch adoption.
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Made my first purchase, wanted to share the excitement. (x-post from Bitcoin Beginners)

I've been lurking this subreddit for a few weeks now. A WONDERFUL subreddit it is, too. If I have a question...BOOM! There's an answer somewhere. The [search] button and sidebar are my friends :o). I will eventually, I think, post a question soon to have more direct answers and/or clarification.
Anyhoo... This is exciting for me and wanted to share: I finally bit the bullet and made my first purchase. .07 BTC from Coinbase. It isn't much, but it is something. I wasn't expecting the 4 day wait period, though. So... That was unexpected. I hope it isn't a bad sign, after my purchase the price dropped by $10. heheheh...I actually find that amusing. On the plus side, if it drops even more I'll buy additional BTC at a lower price.
I'm in this for the long haul.
Slainte, All!
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There must be an easier way to convert USD into BTC.

I bought my first virtual currency today.

Coinbase won't allow any transactions and their phone verification is down

Really? I must be doing something drastically wrong.
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Why is it inherently so difficult to buy into BTC? This is a major barrier to entry that is stifling growth.

The lack of a solid service to buy Bitcoins with fiat is extremely frustrating. BitInstant's cash deposits are "down for the weekend", which means I basically have to sit on my hands until they decide to come back up....
There has to be a better way!
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Dumb question, but how do i actually buy bitcoins?

I'm looking to buy some for purely speculative purposes, whats the best/easiest way to do this?
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Anyone noticed how the prices are low, but it's hard to buy even if you wanted to with US banks closed? I know another inexpensive way to move some USD's. :B

I normally direct deposit cash at Wells Fargo or Chase into Bitfloor.
Can't do that with this market weather bringing me tasty prices on a Sunday, so I realized .. lots of people are probably waiting for the banks to open tomorrow to buy in. I buy in now, I'll catch a decent upswing after. :3
So the question becomes, how do you even (cheaply) move USD in to buy coins on a Sunday?
My solution: Paypal or CC -> Linden Labs $L -> VirWox (email [email protected] to request higher deposit limits if need be) and exchange there. I've done business with Virwox for awhile so I've got higher deposit limits, I think new users will be limited enough to only buy a handful of coins in one day. But now's a great opportunity to perfect this avenue of trading! :3
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New to bitcoin, ended up with ~300SLL at VirWox after trading for BTC. What should I do with it?

Looks like it's not enough to trade, but could be given away to an SL user?
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Looking to buy bitcoin, but I can't

So I'm trying to buy bitcoin right, I have 35SGD in my PayPal and I'm trying to convert some of that into bitcoin. Not for investing reasons. Problems is, everywhere I go, I need either an ID or a verified PayPal account to buy bitcoin. That's not gonna work because I'm under 18 so Im not gonna get a verified PayPal account (no bank acct.) and I'm under 18, so ID probably won't work either. I think the site Virwox doesn't need id or verified paypal, but their fees are so high and their site is so confusing, I don't know if I'm gonna end up doing the wrong thing or not. Is there a way around this? One way I though if was depositing money from PayPal into a site like BitSkins, a market for game items worth money, then cashing out using bitcoin, but they charge 10usd every bitcoin cashout so that only high cash outs will be used.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!
Edit: All I need is 5 dollars worth of bitcoin for this purchase, its 10 dollars worth of bitcoin, I have 5 dollars worth of bitcoin, if someone could sell me 5 dollar worth of bitcoin I'd really appreciate it!
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Why aren't most of the top e juice vendors accepting bitcoin?

I know there is a huge wiki list of vendors that accepts BTC here:
But the list is a bit outdated, several of those top vendors no longer accept bitcoin. BX- Vapors, Blue Dot, 63 maui etc are the ones i would like to see add BTC as a payment option.
Unlike most I am unbanked and rarely use prepaid credit/ debit cards. Bitcoin is just an easier option for me: 1. I have a few spare BTC laying around and with the recent price surge a small amount of BTC goes a long way again 2. It is easier for me to convert Cash to Paypal to BTC via virwox. 3. Fast, secure, irreversible transactions are also a plus.
I understand some have concerns over the price volatility, but there are services such as Bitpay that allow vendors to convert BTC to cash instantly without having to hold on to it.
Shout outs to Gordona vapes who had an amazing 40% off deal this Thanksgiving and i got the chance to use some of my left over BTC to pick up some Groolberry Cheesecake ( which is awesome by the way). Also to Mt. Baker Vapor, they also accept BTC, so far these are my two go to vendors from now on for the simple fact that the accept it. ALL OTHER VENDORS STEP UP AND KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES PLEASE!
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Fuck Virwox For Buying Bitcoin!

So I had 784 AUD to turn into BTC, which is 1.3 BTC, but by the time was done with the conversions, I came up with 1.06! THAT'S LIKE $182 IN FUCKING FEES!
Fuck Virwox. Don't ever buy Bitcoins from this virtual exchange, ever. Complete rip off.
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How do I convert Doge into USD?

Hi fellow shibes, today I introduced my coworkers Dogecoins. They seemed interested, but they told me they want a proof that they can turn them into real money . I told them that it was very easy, and that I haven't done it because I want to hold . So, I want to show them that I can convert my doges into usd, but I have no idea how it is done, which are the requirements or anything about turning them into usd.
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Buying Bitcoins with PayPal - VirWox - Better Don't ! Bitcoin mit PayPal kaufen  Virwox How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Using VirWox 2018 How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Without Verification Or ID ... VirWox Bitcoin Purchase Process Proof And Received In Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

Since Virwox is currently one of the main ways people buy Bitcoin with Paypal it attracts a lot of attention. Many people consider Virwox to be a scam while others say it’s legit. In this post I would like to share my own opinion of the site after buying and selling through them for almost 4 years. Fees. VirWoX charges 50 SLL (currently about $0.20) plus 3.9% for BTC/SLL market orders. The fee for limit orders depends on the previous trading volume of the account, and varies between 0.78% and 3.9%. VirWoX charges 0.0005 BTC for BTC withdrawals. Deposits in BTC are free. Limits and Restrictions *Plus additional fees . VirWoX is one of the oldest virtual currency exchanges. It was founded in 2007 for the players of the Second Life virtual reality video game. There they could exchange fiat currency for the game tokens Second Life Lindens (SLL) and other virtual currencies used in online gaming (ACD, OMC, MVC) before expanding into bitcoin in 2011. Fees . VirWoX charges 50 SLL (currently about $0.20) plus 2.9% for BTC/SLL market orders. The fee for limit orders depends on the previous trading volume of the account, and varies between 0.78% and 3.9%. VirWoX charges 0.01 BTC for BTC withdrawals. Deposits in BTC are free. Limits and Restrictions VirWox is no scam, however, others are right when they say the fees for the exchange are very high. What VirWox seems to do here is that they try to buffer the danger that some customers could chargeback the PayPal amount. So, yea, it's bad with the fees, but other than that, it works very well. I use them quite often and unload my internet income that I get on PayPal and exchange it to BTC on ...

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Buying Bitcoins with PayPal - VirWox - Better Don't !

Please use the following Links for Registration Virwox - Localbitcoins - This tutorial cov... VirWOX calculator is a small application built based on C# language. In no one can calculate BTC/USD rate directy, this application can calculate ... This video shows you an option to buy purchasing bitcoin without verifications, using driver's license, or identification to purchase bitcoin with Virwox. Vi... The bitcoins where received in Coinbase's bitcoin wallet after the manual process that take up to 48 hours to clear. To purchase bitcoin Thru VirWox go directly here: How To Buy Bitcoin Cheap And Pay No Fees On GDAX! (Coinbase Pro) - Duration: 14:42. CryptoRobert 17,563 views. 14:42. HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2019 - Easy Ways to Invest In Cryptocurrency For Beginners!