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Master List of Discount Gift Card Retailers

Master List of Discount Gift Card Retailers
This link-packed ebook is intended for people looking for the best-kept secrets on the web for buying bulk Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and other national brand gift cards at the highest discounts—accounting for speed, quality, volume and risk.
Executive Summary
  1. Buy gift cards on marketplaces
  2. Buy gift cards with bitcoin
  3. Fill out online surveys for gift cards
  4. Buy directly with people online
  5. Buy directly with people offline
  6. Arbitrage gift cards on Amazon
  7. Swap other gift cards for Amazon
  8. Buy gift cards from retail stores
  9. Earn gift cards for online work
  10. Daily deals websites
Bonus Knowledge

Executive Summary

This article covers some of the many ways to buy discount gift cards. We focus a lot of attention on Amazon gift cards since they are the largest retailer in the world and has the 2nd most gift cards in circulation. We have either purchased or researched in depth most of the sites on this list to come up with some conclusions about the fastest, safest and cheapest places to buy discount gift cards. Please remember, there is no one best place to find gift cards, the goal is to give you options.
The lowest-risk gift cards with the lowest discounts are directly from that brand and at grocery stores and other retail locations (CVS, Safeway, Walgreens, etc). You will also find these 0% offers from 3rd party e-code generators like eGifter and BitPay. You can usually buy instantly and they are guaranteed forever.
Slightly higher risk are the old-school secondhand gift card exchanges like CardCash, CardPool, Raise and others. They offer very small savings up to 5% off the top brands. You can pay with a credit card and they guarantee the card for up to a full year so you can gift them as gifts much easily.
The highest discounted gift cards are on peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplaces with users from many different countries, like Paxful and LocalBitcoins. This also comes with the most risk and the highest amount of work. These platforms have lower regulation and majority of the trades are conducted in non-USD currency.
Finally, there is an emerging category of crypto gift card exchanges that also use bitcoin to offer the same discounts as peer-to-peer marketplaces, but they have more advanced protections in place for buyers and sellers. Sites like Redeeem and Purse.io fall into this category because they can offer larger discounts on gift cards and other products but they use technology to cut out the negotiating. Cards are guaranteed for minutes, hours or days here, so this isn’t the best for gifting.
Your savings (and profit margins) will depend largely on your risk tolerance, length of time you are willing to get paid, country where you are located, capital available, ability to buy alternative forms of currency (like bitcoin), the ability/willingness to ship physical products, overall time commitment, and many other factors.

1. Buy gift cards on marketplaces

Redeeem. Save 15% or more on bulk Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy gift cards with auction-style pricing buying with bitcoin. They have great support and great reviews.
CardPool. Save 3-5% on hundreds of brands, including Best Buy, Target, iTunes and Lowe’s. They send the card directly to your email inbox or via USPS in 3-7 days.
CardCash. Gift card marketplace that buys unwanted gift cards for less than their value and resells them at a discount to savvy shoppers across the country. Save 3-5% on hundreds of brands, very similar to CardPool.
Gift Card Granny. This is a nice resource because they link to the sites that have the best deals, unfortunately they don’t index many of the bulk discount sites.
Raise. One of the biggest in terms of volume. Discounted gift cards to hundreds of national brands such as Target, Southwest, Uber, Home Depot, etc. However, discounts are minimal here, ranging from 0-3%.
CardCookie. A great site with great potential—currently offering 5-10% discounts but not very high volume yet. Keep them bookmarked.

2. Buy gift cards with bitcoin

Redeeem. Redeeem is a great option for buying Amazon gift cards at 20% discount or higher using bitcoin. Unlike Paxful or LocalBitcoins, they manually validate and guarantee every gift card sold on the platform and have an easier buying experience. But you will have to trade during market hours (they are only open 8 hours a day).
BitPay. Raised over $72 million from investors, they’re the largest bitcoin payment processor. Download the app to buy Amazon e-codes fast at 0% discount.
Paxful. With 300+ currencies to trade, Paxful’s peer-to-peer platform with millions of users in Africa offers likely the best discounts for gift cards, but there are a lot of scammers (and yelling) so be careful. You may find yourself with a lot of stolen/invalid cards and trade disputes with money at risk.
LocalBitcoins. LocalBitcoins lets you buy and sell bitcoin in over 248 countries. Like Paxful, this comes with high risk and high reward. Every trade starts with a listing, similar to Craigslist, and the platform is strictly peer-to-peer.
Purse. Save 10% or more on Amazon when you pay with bitcoin, or dropship products (including gift cards) to people to earn bitcoin.
CardBazaar. An online secondhand gift card marketplace where you can buy and sell unwanted gift cards for cash or bitcoin.
Bidali. A bitcoin payment processor that competes with BitPay and offers full-priced e-codes from Amazon and other retailers.
eGifter. One of the best way to buy eGift cards quickly for friends, family and yourself without hassle. Choose from hundreds of top national brands. You can personalize your gift with an animated greeting card, photo or video greeting.

3. Fill out online surveys for gift cards

Survey Junkie. offers a massive inventory of paid surveys. Each survey is assigned a point value (most between 100-200 points) and estimated completion time. Once you accrue 1,000 points (around $10) you can cash out with a gift card.
Beer Money on Reddit. This a Reddit group dedicated to making some cash on the side. Don’t know much about it.
PointClub Surveys. You can earn points for completing paid online surveys. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for cash or the gift card of your choice. Gift cards can either be digital or real cards sent to you. It's that easy!
OpinionOutpost. You can earn cash and rewards for the time you spend taking online surveys with points you can redeem for cash or gift vouchers to popular brands.

4. Buy directly with people online

Reddit. Reddit is used by a ton of gift card traders, but you have to be familiar with the platform and have some karma on there before using it seriously. Otherwise, your listings will just get filtered out by their algorithms. If you go in there moving quickly without reading their rules carefully you will likely get banned.

5. Buy directly from people offline

Craigslist. As you probably know, you can get anything on Craigslist. But like Paxful and LocalBitcoins, it requires a lot of negotiating and there are scammers galore. The only deals worth doing are small volume with trusted local partners.
Facebook Marketplace. Although this wouldn’t be my first choice due to the randomness, there are a lot of gift cards on Facebook Marketplace—a growing platform.
eBay. Older than time itself, eBay earns millions of dollars a day in gift card volume. They are fairly warm to buying and selling physical gift cards but they are cracking down on e-codes. The downsides here are shipping costs and eBay/PayPal fees which add up to over 10%. There are also a lot of international buyers on eBay taking advantage of currency exchanges, which inflates prices of gift cards above their face value. It’s an expensive place to find gift cards—but always there.

6. Arbitrage gift cards on Amazon

Amazon is unique in a lot of ways. One way in particular is that they let you buy other brands of physical gift cards with your Amazon credit balance—such as Nordstrom, Southwest, Nike, Starbucks, Google Play, iTunes, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Sephora, Hotels.com and dozens more.
This opens the door for people to buy gift cards on Amazon and then sell them to CardCash, CardPool, Raise, Paxful, Reddit, LocalBitcoins, Redeeem, etc. The risk, believe it or not, is that Amazon loves shutting down people’s accounts with gift card balances frozen inside. So don't let your balances get too high and try to mimic normal behavior that doesn’t make you look like a large dropshipping business (e.g. ship to yourself, buy other products too, have a real phone number and billing address on file, etc). There are also hard quantity limits on how many gift cards you can buy for each SKU on Amazon.
Your profit margin will depend on how you get Amazon credits, your ability to keep your Amazon accounts in good health, and the rate at which you sell your cards to gift card marketplaces (some let you choose your own rate, others have fixed rates), and the speed and method you want to get paid (check, ACH, bitcoin, PayPal, etc).

7. Swap other gift cards for Amazon

CardCash Amazon Exchange. This is a cool resource that CardCash built alongside Amazon to allow customers to swap out other national brands for Amazon e-codes for a small fee. The rates are comparable to what they have on the main CardCash website and the e-codes are delivered within 24 hours. It’s a cool way to jump from one brand to another if you want Amazon gift cards in particular and have another.

8. Buy gift cards from retail stores

Retail Stores. There are hundreds of physical retail store locations where you can buy physical gift cards in person (the link points to Amazon retail locations). You pay full retail price but it’s fast, safe and reliable—and you can earn 3-5% cash back with certain credit cards like Amazon Prime card.

9. Earn gift cards for online work

Mechanical Turks. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and jobs. This will require a lot of work, but you can get paid in Amazon gift cards.
Swagbucks. You can redeem a Amazon Gift Cards by using the Swagbucks you earn through playing, searching, discovering, answering, watching or shopping on websites that are trying to sell you things. Not very profitable but can be fun.

10. Daily deals websites

Groupon. Although not as popular as when it first launched in 2009, Groupon is still used by millions of people to get discounts on stores, experiences and even gift cards like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. There is also a gift certificate category that has similar offers (sorry, we couldn’t find anything similar on Living Social).
Amazon Daily Deals. Amazon has daily deals on many categories of products as high as 20% discount. On some occasions they will slash prices on gift cards. Amazon Treasure Truck. Amazon has a Treasure Truck that they drive around many of their Whole Foods locations they use to promote Amazon Video shows and offer 10% discount deals on food, clothing and tech.
Gift Cards.me. Simple app, good reviews, worth a try. The discounts aren’t very spectacular, but they claim to have fast gift card delivery.
Nimble Commerce. Not sure how long they’ll be around, but worth a shot.

Bonus Knowledge

On the back of your gift cards, check all the stores where that brand is accepted. For example, gift cards for Gap also work at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta and Piper Lime. Walmart gift cards work at Sam’s Club, Amazon gift cards work at Whole Foods, and Albertsons gift cards work at Safeway, Vons and a dozen other grocery store chains in the same family. Make sure you know these sister-company store policies before you buy a brand.
One limitation you may find with many stores like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy is that they have per-product purchase limits. Obviously you can create new accounts or ask friends and family to buy products for you, but some products have gift cards under many different SKU numbers—like a Christmas and Birthday version. There are also limits set for each of these individual items, not the gift card category as a whole.
Finally, based on the U.S. government regulations, the maximum amount of gift cards that can be purchased in a 24 hour period by a single person $10,000. So please keep this in mind when you are out there shopping.
Good luck, be honest, and happy trading!
Bonus Resources

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Vertnode - An automated solution for installing Vertcoin node(s) on Single Board Computers

Hello Vertcoin Community,
Eager to contribute to the Vertcoin Community I began creating step by step walkthrough guides on how to get a Vertcoin node up and running on a Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Zero and Intel NUC. Along with information to get a Vertcoin node up and running was also optional steps to install p2pool-vtc.
I decided that while this step by step guide might be helpful to a few, a setup script may prove to be useful to a wider range of people. I have this script to a point where I think it may be productive to share with a bigger audience, for those who are brave and have this hardware sitting around or like to tinker with projects; I invite you to test this setup script if you are interested, if you run into errors any sort of verbose console output of the error proves to be extremely helpful in troubleshooting.
The script was designed to produce a “headless” server... meaning we will not be using a GUI to configure Vertcoin or check to see how things are running. In fact, once the server is set up, you will only interact with it using command line calls over SSH. The idea is to have this full node be simple, low-power, with optimized memory usage and something that “just runs” in your basement, closet, etc.
Why run a headless node on a Single Board Computer?
The idea is to have this full node be simple, low-power, with optimized memory usage and something that “just runs” in your basement, closet, etc.
Required: USB Flash Drive 6GB - 32GB
Please note that the script was designed for Single Board Computers first and looks for an accessible USB Flash Drive to use for storing the blockchain and swap file, as constant writing to a microSD can degrade the health of the microSD.


All of the hardware listed above is hardware that I have personally tested / am testing on myself. The plan is to continue expanding my arsenal of single board computers and continue to add support for more hardware to ensure as much compatibility as possible.
It is worth noting that LIT can be ran with multiple configurations, the ones displayed in the Post Installation Report reflect values that run LIT with the Vertcoin Mainnet. Please be aware that the Vertcoin Testnet chain has not been mined 100% of the time in the past, if you make transactions on the Vertcoin testnet that do not go through it is likely because the chain has stopped being mined.

Vertcoin Testnet Coins

I've included some documentation on LIT I created which includes information I found to be useful: https://github.com/e-corp-sam-sepiol/vertnode/blob/mastedocs/lit.md
Please visit the mit-dci/lit github repository for the most up to date information on lit: https://github.com/mit-dci/lit

Vertnode | Automated Vertcoin Node Installation Script


Recommended: Use Etcher to install the chosen OS to your microSD card / USB flash drive.

If you intend on installing Ubuntu Server 16.04 to your Intel NUC please use Etcher to install the .iso to your USB flash drive.

Ubuntu Server 16.04 Setup Details

You can use different clients to ssh into your node. One option is using PuTTY or Git Bash on Windows which is included in the desktop version of Git. If you are using Linux you can simply open a new terminal window and ssh to the IP address of your node (hardware you intend installing the Vertcoin node on).
You will need to know the IP address of your node, this can be found on your router page.
ssh -l pi For example, this command uses ssh to login to using the -l login name of pi. The IP address of your node will likely be different for you, in this example I am logging into a Raspberry Pi which has a default login name of pi.
A brief list of commands that can be used to check on the Vertcoin node status:
vertcoin-cli getblockchaininfo | Grab information about your blockchain
vertcoin-cli getblockcount | Grab the current count of blocks on your node
vertcoin-cli getconnectioncount | Grab the current count of connections to your node. A number of connections larger than 8 means that you have incoming connections to your node. The default settings are to make 8 outgoing connections. If you want incoming connections please port forward your Raspberry Pi in your Router settings page.
vertcoin-cli getpeerinfo | Grab the information about the peers you have connected to / are connected to
vertcoin-cli getnettotals | Grab network data, how much downloaded/upload displayed in bytes
tail -f ~/.vertcoin/debug.log | Output the latest lines in the Vertcoin debug.log to see verbose information about the Vertcoin daemon (ctrl+c to stop)
Thank you to all who have helped me and inspired me thus far, @b17z, @jamesl22, @vertcoinmarketingteam, @canen, @flakfired, @etang600, @BDF, @tucker178, @Xer0
This work is dedicated to the users of Vertcoin, thank you for making this possible.
7/20/2018 Thank you @CommodoreAmiga for the incredibly generous tip <3
You can reach me @Sam Sepiol#3396 on the Vertcoin Discord, here on reddit or @ [email protected]
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Log of Mobile Wallet AMA with Lucio - 6th June 2019

Yesterday we completed our first day of ARK Developer AMA's. I'd like to thank everyone who came and participated in each AMA and I believe it to be a big success! Community feedback can help shape how our software acts, looks and functions so if you have any ideas then feel free to join the next AMA!
Our next Developer AMA's will take place on Thursday, June 13th.
The topics of discussion will be; ARK Deployer: Alex (10:00 UTC) & ARK Internet-of-Things (IoT): Simon (20:00 UTC)
Hope to see you all there! - To join Slack, go to the following link http://slack.ark.io
Here's the log of the Mobile Wallet AMA

Hey you all! Almost a year and a half after the first release, we are starting the development of Mobile Wallet 2.0. During this time we have collected your feedback and requests to create a wallet focused on what you need. If you have any idea, question or suggestion feel free to tell us.

spghtz (ark.party / civseed)
Hey Lucio! Thanks for dropping by.
  1. Will the mobile-wallet v2 (Android and Apple development) take place in public? Or only available when it's been released?
  2. Will the Android version be in Java, Kotlin, or a hybrid?

mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
Hey lucio, thanks for the AMA. How do you guys plan on compromising between utility via plugins and different bridgechains etc vs ease of use and simplicity. Seems to me like a hard bargain, especially when you have to throw in the limitations of a touch based UI system.

Munich (ARKLand Delegate)
Hey Lucio :slightly_smiling_face: Extending @spghtz (ark.party / civseed)’s 2nd question, I’d like to ask if you guys have considered using React Native rather than Ionic for the v2 wallet

@spghtz (ark.party / civseed)
  1. Our projects are usually developed internally, and when ready we release the source code.
  2. It will be native, but with the same codebase. I'm analyzing 4 frameworks, React Native, Vue Native, NativeScript and Flutter.

Justin (doubled1c3)
Any plans to implement security measures beyond PIN such as biometric types? I have heard this question from some users

@mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
Mobile v1 was not developed with custom networks in mind, in v2 our goal is to make the task of importing/adding /using a custom network more intuitive
I noticed that we have different types of users, from delegates to beginners, so we need to define the best experience for each one. As commented earlier today some features are not interesting for those who are not advanced.

I think, when it comes to mobile or desktop either one, if a plugin doesn’t make sense for a mobile environment or a touch based interface, then the market would show us that over time. We might take a chance on some innovative ideas and see how they play out, but for the most part I think the mobile wallet will initially feature plugins focused on payments and managing funds, voting etc, and not application specifics or elaborate functions.
Some things will just make more sense in a desktop environment.
No one is asking you guys the tough questions... like what is your favorite movie or sandwich? :joy::joy:

Alex Barnsley [ARK Team]
that’s not mobile wallet related @Matthew_DC :colbert:

alessio // fun
I asked @Alex Barnsley [ARK Team] a tough question earlier and he dodged it :colbert:

Justin (doubled1c3)
I'm curious about implementing OS notifications within the mobile wallet for some events, like "transaction received" "delegate dropped" etc. Plans for OS notifications?

I said in the blog, get to know our developers who don’t often get to be in the spotlight. :colbert:

alessio // fun
I confess I don't use the mobile wallet often, and I only have an iPhone, so I'm a bit out of the loop regarding Android. How are plans progressing regarding Ledger integration there, as I believe it's not feasible on iOS?

Munich (ARKLand Delegate)
It should be possible on iOS with the bluetooth ledger nano X

Alex Barnsley [ARK Team]

mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
not really a question but since we have you here I should probably say it. I would really like it if the mobile wallet workflow was better designed for easy onboarding. right now I can't introduce people to Ark or crypto in general in a public place because writing down a seed phrase and keeping it secure becomes quite an overwhelming scenario for a new user in the middle of a crowd.

alessio // fun
Yes true I'm thinking of Nano S

mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
I'd love to be able to go anywhere ask people to download the wallet and just drop them some ark like ver used to do

mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
it's the best marketing you could get

@Justin (doubled1c3)
Sorry, forgot to reply. About the alternative to the PIN, I had tried to implement the touch ID but I found it very insecure since I would have to save your passphrase basically without encryption.

goldenpepe (biz_network)
```right now I can't introduce people to Ark or crypto in general in a public place because writing down a seed phrase and keeping it secure becomes quite an overwhelming scenario for a new user in the middle of a crowd.```
I had this experience manning the faucet at Consensus 2 years ago
There was a small crowd of people all standing around the faucet on their phones trying to get past all the screens so they can get to their wallet address (edited)

mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
I created a ticket about this a few months ago but it seems like it's not a priority

@alessio // fun
In the Ledger repo has a package compatible with React Native, but as you said, only for Android: https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledgerjs/tree/mastepackages/react-native-hid
Ledger's JavaScript libraries. Contribute to LedgerHQ/ledgerjs development by creating an account on GitHub.

alessio // fun
It probably takes a lot of time and planning to get it right, you can't just snap your fingers and come up with an easy to use onboarding process for everyone

goldenpepe (biz_network)
yea UX is hard

Colby (The Golden Horde)
replied to a thread:
Absolutely agreed there

Munich (ARKLand Delegate)
Maybe an option like on deployer.ark.io, have a “basic” mode and an “advanced”mode for onboarding

mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
I suggested a solution in the github ticket which I think gets around the issue, Bitcoin.com wallet has been using it for years now which is why they can do that

@mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
I agree, backup may be the most important part, in v2 we want to make this more evident and mandatory.

Sam [ARK Team]
Do you have a link to that particular Github ticket @mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets) by any chance? (edited)

alessio // fun
I'd be interested to see it as well

Munich (ARKLand Delegate)
iirc it’s on the mobile-wallet repo (edited)

mak (AIP23 - Delegate Markets)
https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/mobile-wallet/issues/282 @Sam [ARK Team] (edited)
Improve onboarding process · Issue #282 · ArkEcosystem/mobile-wallet
Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Current workflow of setting up a new wallet is really unfavourable for onboarding new people in public places. For instance if I want ...

alessio // fun
@Lucio Does that also apply to Nano X or just Nano S?

Nano S, for X is this one:
Ledger's JavaScript libraries. Contribute to LedgerHQ/ledgerjs development by creating an account on GitHub.

alessio // fun
And that'll work on iOS too? It'd be a big reason for me to switch from S to X if so

Yes, it was built on the top of the package https://github.com/Polidea/react-native-ble-plx, which supports iOS
React Native BLE library. Contribute to Polidea/react-native-ble-plx development by creating an account on GitHub.

@Lucio why are you shifting away from Ionic for the ark wallet? They are at v4.0 at the moment, seem to be a good framework.

@Justin (doubled1c3)
About notifications, I've implemented and released notifications for incoming transactions. But it did not work properly on Android, I ended up removing it because it required more network requests and battery consumption. Probably in this new framework we will implement, since it will be native.

Alex Barnsley [ARK Team]
I believe it also caused issues with Android in that the mobile wallet was showing on the lock screen (edited)

We had some performance issues, keyboard crashes and even vunerabilities with Ionic's webview

Is it possible in the future that ark holds the passphrase and it acts like a bank account. Than people can manage there wallet but also can recover it. Like people can choose amateur and advanced control... just an idea :)

alessio // fun
I sincerely hope not

Sam [ARK Team]
That's incredibly unlikely @Drakeler - One of the positives of decentralized networks is that people no longer need to depend on organisations to secure their funds for them. Users have full control and that's a positive thing :thumbsup::skin-tone-2:

But old people... altzeimer...

alessio // fun
Hopefully that'll evolve from "incredibly unlikely" to "absolutely never going to happen"

Sam [ARK Team]
Well yeah, I'd go as far to say it's never going to happen.

Car accident..

When do you expect there to be an update on the QR code support for bridgechains. Currently the QR scanning feature on Android only supports addresses beginning with 'A' or 'D'?

Just thinking that people should be more satisfied if there is abackup

Alex Barnsley [ARK Team]
in those cases @Drakeler , for example, they should put it in a will or give family members they trust access in some way
(not official advice)

@PJ tomorrow or monday we will release the update

But is it possible that ark wallet import it? Something like it

Munich (ARKLand Delegate)
yes you can import wallets to the mobile wallet
Ideally you will have a backup of your passphrase secured somewhere, and have a trusted person have access to it in case anything happens to you

Sam [ARK Team]
Just a few minutes left guys so if you have further questions, get them in quickly :smile: (edited)

I know but you can give in a email. If your wallet isn't used like a year they send the passphrase to a email you set... like an inheritance
Just a way to give people more security (edited)
Other option you might implement is like a monthly payment setting. Is that going to come?

Munich (ARKLand Delegate)
@Lucio is 2FA something that could be done in the next wallet?
I know the implications of having 2FA app and a wallet on the same device, but I see this q asked often

@Drakeler I think LastPass has something similar to releasing access to another person if you do not use it for a while

Yes but ark can be the first to do it in blockchain!
Just ideas... to help ark move to the public

I think we have already discussed the possibility of implementing 2FA between desktop and mobile, right? @Alex Barnsley [ARK Team] I'm not sure what our conclusion was about this

Alex Barnsley [ARK Team]
:yes: deemed it as not worthy, because having the 2fa locally isn’t secure
since you could have access to both ends of the 2fa process and can manipulate it
“you” being an exploiter

alessio // fun
Thanks for taking the time for this ama @Lucio

Sam [ARK Team]
The hour is now up so that concludes the AMA
Thanks to everyone who came to take part in this week's Developer AMA sessions.
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I wrote a 30,000 ft. "executive summary" intro document for cryptos. Not for you, for your non-technical parents or friends.

This document was originally written for my dad, an intelligent guy who was utterly baffled about the cryptocurrency world. The aim was to be extremely concise, giving a broad overview of the industry and some popular coins while staying non-technical. For many of you there will be nothing new here, but recognize that you are in the 0.001% of the population heavily into crypto technology.
I've reproduced it for Reddit below, or you can find the original post here on my website. Download the PDF there or hit the direct link: .PDF version.
Donations happily accepted:
ETH: 0x4e03Bf5CCE3eec4Ddae4d3d6aAD46ca4f198AeD6 BTC: 1GqWMZRRygRJJWYYTWHkAVoRcgyQHjgBMZ XMR: 42Y1S1KBoPk381kc7hA68zaiC78BxMoCADjLrFcTdWiE7ejhZc49s1t9i7P2EmTnHsLDiKoSUiogCbLVHXRJxjrCT4WG8ic XRB: xrb_1bpzh745s9kzk8ymfnks3jtdi65ayumdstokzd4yw4ohu3fopxmiocjcntcu 


This document is purely informational. At the time of writing there are over 1000 cryptocurrencies (“cryptos”) in a highly volatile, high risk market. Many of the smaller “altcoins” require significant technical knowledge to store and transact safely. I advise you to carefully scrutinize each crypto’s flavor of blockchain, potential utility, team of developers, and guiding philosophy, before making any investment [1] decisions. With that out of the way, what follows are brief, extremely high-level summaries of some cryptos which have my interest, listed in current market cap order. But first, some info:
Each crypto is a different implementation of a blockchain network. Originally developed as decentralized digital cash, these technologies have evolved into much broader platforms, powering the future of decentralized applications across every industry in the global economy. Without getting into the weeds, [2] most cryptos work on similar principles:
Distributed Ledgers Each node on a blockchain network has a copy of every transaction, which enables a network of trust that eliminates fraud. [3]
Decentralized “Miners” comprise the infrastructure of a blockchain network. [4] They are monetarily incentivized to add computing power to the network, simultaneously securing and processing each transaction. [5]
Peer-to-peer Cryptos act like digital cash-- they require no third party to transact and are relatively untraceable. Unlike cash, you can back them up.
Global Transactions are processed cheaply and instantly, anywhere on Earth. Using cryptos, an African peasant and a San Francisco engineer have the same access to capital, markets, and network services.
Secure Blockchains are predicated on the same cryptographic technology that secures your sensitive data and government secrets. They have passed seven years of real-world penetration testing with no failures. [6]

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first cryptocurrency. As with first movers in any technology, there are associated pros and cons. Bitcoin has by far the strongest brand recognition and deepest market penetration, and it is the only crypto which can be used directly as a currency at over 100,000 physical and web stores around the world. In Venezuela and Zimbabwe, where geopolitical events have created hyperinflation in the centralized fiat currency, citizens have moved to Bitcoin as a de facto transaction standard. [7]
However, Bitcoin unveiled a number of issues that have been solved by subsequent cryptos. It is experiencing significant scaling issues, resulting in high fees and long confirmation times. The argument over potential solutions created a rift in the Bitcoin developer community, who “forked” the network into two separate blockchains amidst drama and politicking in October 2017. Potential solutions to these issues abound, with some already in place, and others nearing deployment.
Bitcoin currently has the highest market cap, and since it is easy to buy with fiat currency, the price of many smaller cryptos (“altcoins”) are loosely pegged to its price. This will change in the coming year(s).

Ethereum (ETH)

Where Bitcoin is a currency, Ethereum is a platform, designed as a foundational protocol on which to develop decentralized applications (“Dapps”). Anyone can write code and deploy their program on the global network for extremely low fees. Just like Twitter wouldn’t exist without the open platform of the internet, the next world-changing Dapp can’t exist without Ethereum.
Current Dapps include a global market for idle computing power and storage, peer-to-peer real estate transactions (no trusted third party for escrow), identity networks for governments and corporations (think digital Social Security card), and monetization strategies for the internet which replace advertising. Think back 10 years to the advent of smartphones, and then to our culture today-- Ethereum could have a similar network effect on humanity.
Ethereum is currently the #2 market cap crypto below Bitcoin, and many believe it will surpass it in 2018. It has a large, active group of developers working to solve scaling issues, [8] maintain security, and create entirely new programming conventions. If successful, platforms like Ethereum may well be the foundation of the decentralized internet of the future.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is significantly more centralized than most crypto networks, designed as a backbone for the global banking and financial technology (“fintech”) industries. It is a network for exchanging between fiat currencies and other asset classes instantly and cheaply, especially when transacting cross-border and between separate institutions. It uses large banks and remittance companies as “anchors” to allow trading between any asset on the network, and big names like Bank of America, American Express, RBC, and UBS are partners. The utility of this network is global and massive in scale.
It is extremely important to note that not all cryptos have the same number of tokens. Ripple has 100 Billion tokens compared to Bitcoin’s 21 Million. Do not directly compare price between cryptos. XRP will likely never reach $1k, [9] but the price will rise commensurate with its utility as a financial tool.
In some sense, Ripple is anathema to the original philosophical vision of this technology space. And while I agree with the cyberpunk notion of decentralized currencies, separation of money and state, this is the natural progression of the crypto world. The internet was an incredible decentralized wild west of Usenet groups and listservs before Eternal September and the dot-com boom, but its maturation affected every part of global society.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano’s main claim to fame: it is the only crypto developed using academic methodologies by a global collective of engineers and researchers, built on a foundation of industry-leading, peer-reviewed cryptographic research. The network was designed from first-principles to allow scalability, system upgrades, and to balance the privacy of its users with the security needs of regulators.
One part of this ecosystem is the Cardano Foundation, a Swiss non-profit founded to work proactively with governments and regulatory bodies to institute legal frameworks around the crypto industry. Detractors of Cardano claim that it doesn’t do anything innovative, but supporters see the academic backing and focus on regulation development as uniquely valuable.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar Lumens and Ripple were founded by the same person. They initially shared the same code, but today the two are distinct in their technical back-end as well as their guiding philosophy and development goals. Ripple is closed-source, for-profit, deflationary, and intended for use by large financial institutions. Stellar is open-source, non-profit, inflationary, and intended to promote international wealth distribution. As such, they are not direct competitors.
IBM is a major partner to Stellar. Their network is already processing live transactions in 12 currency corridors across the South Pacific, with plans to process 60% of all cross-border payments in the South Pacific’s retail foreign exchange corridor by Q2 2018.
Beyond its utility as a financial tool, the Stellar network may become a competitor to Ethereum as a platform for application development and Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”). The theoretical maximum throughput for the network is higher, and it takes less computational power to run. The Stellar development team is highly active, has written extensive documentation for third-party developers, and has an impressive list of advisors, including Patrick Collison (Stripe), Sam Altman (Y Combinator), and other giants in the software development community.

Iota (IOT)

Iota was developed as the infrastructure backbone for the Internet of Things (IoT), sometimes called the machine economy. As the world of inanimate objects is networked together, their need to communicate grows exponentially. Fridges, thermostats, self-driving cars, printers, planes, and industrial sensors all need a secure protocol with which to transact information.
Iota uses a “Tangle” instead of a traditional blockchain, and this is the main innovation driving the crypto’s value. Each device that sends a transaction confirms two other transactions in the Tanlge. This removes the need for miners, and enables unique features like zero fees and infinite scalability. The supply of tokens is fixed forever at 2.8*1015, a staggeringly large number (almost three thousand trillion), and the price you see reported is technically “MIOT”, or the price for a million tokens.

Monero (XMR)

The most successful privacy-focused cryptocurrency. In Bitcoin and most other cryptos, anyone can examine the public ledger and trace specific coins through the network. If your identity can be attached to a public address on that network, an accurate picture of your transaction history can be built-- who, what, and when. Monero builds anonymity into the system using strong cryptographic principles, which makes it functionally impossible to trace coins, [10] attach names to wallets, or extract metadata from transactions. The development team actively publishes in the cryptography research community.
Anonymous transactions are not new-- we call it cash. Only in the past two decades has anonymity grown scarce in the first-world with the rise of credit cards and ubiquitous digital records. Personal data is becoming the most valuable resource on Earth, and there are many legitimate reasons for law-abiding citizens to want digital privacy, but it is true that with anonymity comes bad actors-- Monero is the currency of choice for the majority of black market (“darknet”) transactions. Similarly, US Dollars are the main vehicle for the $320B annual drug trade. An investment here should be based on the underlying cryptographic research and technology behind this coin, as well as competitors like Zcash. [11]

RaiBlocks (XRB)

Zero fees and instantaneous transfer make RaiBlocks extremely attractive for exchange of value, in many senses outperforming Bitcoin at its original intended purpose. This crypto has seen an explosion in price and exposure over the past month, and it may become the network of choice for transferring value within and between crypto exchanges.
Just in the first week of 2018: the CEO of Ledger (makers of the most popular hardware wallet on the market) waived the $50k code review fee to get RaiBlocks on his product, and XRB got listed on Binance and Kucoin, two of the largest altcoin exchanges globally. This is one to watch for 2018. [12]

VeChain (VEN)

Developed as a single answer to the problem of supply-chain logistics, VeChain is knocking on the door of a fast-growing $8 trillion industry. Every shipping container and packaged product in the world requires constant tracking and verification. A smart economy for logistics built on the blockchain promises greater efficiency and lower cost through the entire process flow.
Don’t take my word for it-- VeChain has investment from PwC (5th largest US corporation), Groupe Renault, Kuehne & Nagel (world’s largest freight company), and DIG (China’s largest wine importer). The Chinese government has mandated VeChain to serve as blockchain technology partner to the city of Gui’an, a special economic zone and testbed for China’s smart city of the future. This crypto has some of the strongest commercial partnerships in the industry, and a large active development team.
  1. “Investment” is a misnomer. Cryptos are traded like securities, but grant you no equity (like trading currency).
  2. The weeds for Bitcoin: basic intro (1:36), non-technical explanation (5:24), Bitcoin 101 – Andreas Antonopoulos (23:51).
  3. It is impossible to double-spend or create a fake transaction, as each ledger is confirmed against every other ledger.
  4. Some utility token blockchains use DAG networks or similar non-linear networks which don’t require mining.
  5. In practice, these are giant warehouses full of specialized computers constantly processing transactions. Miners locate to the cheapest electricity source, and the bulk of mining currently occurs in China.
  6. Centralized second-layer exchange websites have been hacked, but the core technology is untouched.
  7. This effect has been termed "bitcoinization".
  8. The Ethereum roadmap shows moving from a Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus model.
  9. At $2.62 per XRP token, Ripple already commands a $100B market cap.
  10. After a January 2017 update.
  11. Monero uses ring signatures while Zcash uses ZK-SNARKs to create anonymity. Both have pros and cons.
  12. Note: all signs point to this crypto being renamed “Nano” in the coming weeks: nano.co.
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BAT Community Weekly Update: 01/26/2018 to 02/01/2018 — Publisher accounts can now be linked to multiple channels & sites, $1M BAT giveaway all claimed, >1.2M active users on Brave, >10K publishers onboard, Brave v0.20.30 released!

Welcome to this week's community update! Milestones are being hit while the ad industry + privacy landscape are primed for BAT/Brave. Thanks to MurphD for helping put these together!
You can now add multiple sites and channels to your publisher account!
This new functionality means that content creators that use Brave Payments to monetize their content can now manage multiple properties (where “property” is defined as a web site or a YouTube channel) with one email address. Previously, a creator needed to create many accounts, one per property.
See official blog here: https://brave.com/blog/multi-property-support-now-live-for-brave-verified-creators/
$1M USD BAT giveaway over — all promo grants have been claimed!
The $1M USD BAT giveaway has been fully claimed! If you missed it, no worries, we will have other promotions in the future as well, so stay tuned :)
Passing 1.2 million monthly active users on Brave
Brendan confirms that Brave has over 1.2 million active monthly users and reiterates some of Brave’s growth targets for this year. 2018 will be big! Tell your friends and family about Brave & BAT, and help usher in the future of the web.
Over 10,000 publishers now onboard with 6000+ YouTube Creators!
Breaking verified publisher milestones!
Dave Rubin: “Perhaps @AttentionToken is the future of online revenue…”
Dave Rubin gives his thoughts on Brave and the Basic Attention Token web funding model: https://twitter.com/RubinReport/status/959206869003771904
Mapping the Journey, Episode 15: Interview with Yan Zhu, Privacy Engineer
An interview with Brave’s Yan Zhu, a renowned security and privacy engineer. She currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Brave and a Technology Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation:
Brave Chief Scientist Ben Livshits speaks at the UCL Infosec Seminar
On Thursday 2/1 at the UCL InfoSec seminar, Ben Livshits gave an overview talk on recent results and research challenges that pertain to browser security, privacy, and performance.

Client Updates

v0.20.30 is out!
New Brave Release Available for Desktop Users with Across-the-Board Improvements and Updates
v0.20.30 is out with highly-awaited features and performance improvements, as well as multiple fixes for issues reported by our user community.
Official blog post: https://brave.com/blog/new-brave-release-available-for-desktop-users-with-across-the-board-improvements-and-updates/
Link to Github: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/releases/tag/v0.20.30dev

News You Should Know:

CNBC: Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and founder of DuckDuckGo: “Google and Facebook are watching our every move online. It's time to make them stop.”
“To make any real progress in advancing data privacy this year, we have to start doing something about Google and Facebook.”
“The impact these two companies have on our privacy cannot be understated.”
76 percent of websites now contain hidden Google trackers, and 24 percent have hidden Facebook trackers, according to the Princeton Web Transparency & Accountability Project. The next highest is Twitter with 12 percent. It is likely that Google or Facebook are watching you on many sites you visit, in addition to tracking you when using their products.
Facebook And Google's Surveillance Capitalism Model Is In Trouble
Regulators start to pump the brakes on Big Tech's advertising dystopia.
Google’s ad-blocking might be user-friendly, but it’s also unfair to publishers
If an independent third-party software firm made an ad blocker that people wanted to buy (or use for free), that would be a different conversation. Certainly, a consumer should have control of their web browsing experience and it’s legitimate to offer them tools to filter content as they wish. But it’s problematic when Google is doing it because it also stands to gain from the ad-buying options that remain.
Facebook Just Banned All Cryptocurrency Advertising
Facebook banned ads for "financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices."
YouTube Ads Infected by Cryptocurrency Malware
Google has nipped the problem in the bud for now, but this won't be the last time that something similar happens to YouTube or other prominent websites.
(But if you’re running Brave, you were protected anyway!) https://www.tomsguide.com/us/youtube-mining-malware,news-26530.html
My Esteem For A Token
Eich, a technology pioneer who was one of the founders of Mozilla, is the founder of a new Web browser called Brave, and BAT is his attempt to turn the attention people pay while browsing Web content into tokens that can be traded on a secure, blockchain-powered exchange.
An Introduction to Basic Attention Token: Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising
Facebook is not a microcosm. It’s representative of the entire internet where billions of people are placing their attention every day.
But people are not stupid, and these ads are annoying, inaccurate, and, in many ways, just creepy. Advertising is a lucrative industry that’s flush with flaws, inefficiencies, and opportunities. Basic Attention Token (BAT) wants to be a part of the action. More specifically, it wants to make the whole experience better for everyone.

Team Tweets:

  • @lukemulks Let the $bat utility stacking begin! 1) Verify domain 2) Verify YT channel 3) Embed YT player on your web pages. Stack @AttentionToken utility. :-) February 1, 2018
  • @brave We have a new desktop release (0.20.30) that fixes the issue that affected start-up performance due to tab restoring (in 0.20.29). Note: this is for macOS and Windows users, and Linux version is around the corner. Thanks for your patience today if you reported this to us! February 2, 2018
  • Brave always works to stop malicious mining scripts! @BrendanEich Latest mining scripts use WebAssembly. @brave blocking, an ongoing cat & mouse game but winnable. We are the big cat! 11:37 PM - 26 Jan 2018
  • @BraveSampson One of the things I really love about how @AttentionToken and @brave are re-monetizing videos on YouTube, is that it even works when you watch a video embedded elsewhere on the web, such as on Twitter. I don't even have to visit YouTube to support Creators. 2:23 AM - Jan 27, 2018
  • Brave does and will do a better job blocking tracking when using private tabs @BrendanEich Incognito is no-local-traces not network-private. People report being fingerprinted in it in Chrome. Wherefore Brave’s ad+tracker blocking by default & Tor private tabs work. 4:52 PM - Jan 28, 2018
  • @BrendanEich We use “can’t be evil” because math (ZKP etc cryptographic protocols, moving on chain) vs today’s ad tech, which dropped “don’t be evil” (trust humans not math) a while ago. The BAT platform minimizes KYC to exit nodes. New unKYCed users get grants that trickle to KYCed creators. 7:23 PM - 28 Jan 2018
  • @BrendanEich Remarks: A. Opt-in KYC a la @civickey is valuable to users: one ID card scan, reuse blockchain-attested credentials N times; no tracking by Identity Provider of usage at Relying Parties. B. Premium attention/revenue possible w/ low enough tail risk -- another user win. C. In no case does Brave see your identity, just KYC provider attestation. D. No need for any KYC if you let grants/rev go back to creators. We're still building this so I'm describing observables/goals. All achievable thanks to separating KYC provider from grant/revenue source. 10:38 PM - Jan 28, 2018
  • Better dashboard and dark themes coming this year! @brianbondy Yes we'll get there this year with dark themes and a better dashboard 11:51 AM - Jan 31, 2018
  • @BrendanEich Brave blocks ads and trackers for 3-7x faster private by default browser, adds optional payments to your fave YouTube creators and websites funded by free token grants now, ad revenue shares to you soon. (Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, ... coming to match ability to help YouTubers...) 4:17 PM - Jan 31, 2018

Roaring Fans on Twitter:

  • @SamFogelgaren Just downloaded @brave desktop browser after using mobile for past month - thank you @BrendanEich and team - this is by far the fastest, most elegant and most user-focused broswer I've ever used - can't wait for further developments!
  • @spencernoon I just had a :wow: product moment in crypto (this is rare). Finally got around to downloading the @brave browser -- not having ads is a bit surreal. I'm excited to see @AttentionToken rolled out broadly. 6:02 PM - Jan 29, 2018
  • CryptoZen @pomomoh Recently started using @brave On-boarding is a breeze. Export activities from other browsers. Free #BAT tokens. No ads. Before @brave, used nothing but @googlechrome 1:51 PM - Jan 31, 2018
  • Geoff Lawrence‏ @geoffdoesstuff Replying to @DamienPetrilli @kylefilegriffin and 2 others If I was to switch then I would use @Brave which I have tested and it works with Slack calls, it also benefits from being less "Google", blocks ads and supports @AttentionToken 6:44 AM - 1 Feb 2018
  • @AustinOnSocial Feb. 16th will be a great day for @RubinReport, @PhillyD, and @guardian when they get their payments. The true power of @brave will become quickly realized 🔥 pic.twitter.com/NXN1gNpNrA February 1, 2018
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My Experience with XcelPay

My Experience with XcelPay
“I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am to the creators of this app. Here is the story of how XcelPay saved me from embarrassment in another country.
Ever since the birth of cryptocurrencies, I had been extremely interested in them and when the opportunity arose, I put my money into it and left it to “breed”. After that I went on with my life and lost interest in bitcoins and eventually forgot about the investment that I had made (I know this sounds crazy, but life sometimes gets in the way of everything and you tend to lose track of all that once interested you).
Bitcoins have drastically impacted the economic world since and multiple other cryptocurrencies have dominated the market. Unknowing of all this I went on with my day to day activities.
Soon I planned a trip to South Korea, my dream trip. I had for years watched K-dramas and got into the K-Pop scene very early (I must tell you 2ne1 is my guilty pleasure). As soon as I landed in Seoul, I immediately went to a café at SM Entertainments to munch on some delicious snacks and sip out of cups with K-pop stars on them.
Within a few days I had run out of physical currency and I had a heap of credit card fees accumulating. After a drunk night, I went to a café to bring down my drunkenness. With credit cards maxed out and cashless, I ordered a Cold Brew. As I proceded to pay, I realised that I had screwed up. I didn’t know what to do and the language barrier kicked me off my feet.
The nice barista, however, suggested that I could pay with cryptocurrency, and that’s when I realised that I had a large sum of bitcoins that I could use. I immediately found out my public and private keys and started looking for an app that would allow me to transact quickly and one that could be trusted. This is when I stumbled upon XcelPay, I quickly downloaded the app on my Samsung phone and payed the barista. Ever since that day I have been using the app to make simple transactions to merchants and It came in very handy on my trip to Korea.
I am so thankful to the XcelPay app and the wonderful barista who reminded me of cryptos, I am now investing a lot in utility tokens and using them wherever I can.”
-Sam 30
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01-12 12:33 - '[quote] ​ / You should never download Samourai Wallet from non-official/shady webpages. They provide the SHA-256 key of the official APK so you can compare that with the APK which you have downloaded before install...' by /u/yilmzfurkan removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-5min

I downloaded the latest of [Samourai Wallet]1 (not from Play Store, but from an online APK I found, as I do not have Play Store installed on my phone).

You should never download Samourai Wallet from non-official/shady webpages. They provide the SHA-256 key of the official APK so you can compare that with the APK which you have downloaded before installing it. ([[link]14 )

Two or three days ago, [they removed some privacy features from the wallet]3 because of stupid and irritating Google policies that everyone here hates. They said they were moving to F-Droid soon with the full-featured app. That was nice, but am I wrong or they could have done this before they were forced to trim the app? Devs already know Google was applying these pathetic policies, they just tried to apply for an exception — as stated on their blog post.

AFAIK Samourai Wallet added to Play Store ~2016. Google didn't had that policy back then it came out recently ([[link]15 ) If you know how F-Droid works its really slow to update apps since they build it their own and there are lots of apps to be build in general I am also a huge F-Droid fan don't forget to donate/contribute to F-Droid they are doing an awesome work. Samourai Wallet is still in Alpha and it needs to be updated regularly and be shared fast so Google Play is a decent way to do it also it helps to see statics (default by Google if you have Google Services installed on your phone Samourai don't include any trackers, their Exodus Privacy Report here: [[link]16 ) and improve the app fixing bugs etc. are easier since the feedback mechanism which Google Play has. Also a little but non-important thing is Samourai back-end is currently not open-sourced they are working on that if they would add it to F-Droid now they would probably marked as promoting non-free network not so important but a little note. (I don't mean here that their back-end open sourcing is not important the notice mark on F-Droid is not important. Please don't try to draw the subject here.) They will be added to F-Droid really soon once they hit stable and completely open sourced their back-end.

Another thing I found is people (users) openly contradicting the privacy statements made by Samourai — [this particular one]6 being the most “extreme”, as it comes from what it seems to be an eminence here. I know Bitcoin is not oriented towards privacy and that privacy is very difficult to implement, but this made me think: why, for example, cannot I connect to a trusted node without having to run a full node myself, specially configure it and use a VPN to connect to it? Why there seems to be an interest in promoting transaction casting through Samourai servers? Also, what are Ricochet, STONEWALL and PayNym? I suppose they are their implementation of different Bitcoin Improvement Proposals, but can they be trusted? Some users in this sub say there’s something shady with this app.

They stated that clearly and that's why they are still on Alpha. They have explained to these numerous times ([[link]17 ) Also that's really hard to be a light wallet as you stated that the safest way is running your own node to maximize your privacy. As I told this is why they are still in Alpha once they release their back-end you can run their implementation on your full node and fully bypass their infrastructure. They are also working on a plug&play node ([[link]18 ) For their Ricochet, Stonewall and Paynym features you can have a look at their webpages. ([[link]19 , [[link]20 , [[link]21 ) They are all open-sourced features and processed on the client, not on their servers.

Then, there is [this serious claim]12 from a user saying that Samourai Wallet lost some of his bitcoins. I won’t get into details, but it was kind of scary to me since other users told him they were in the same situation.

Welcome to the Bitcoin world while financial sovereignty is something awesome it comes with huge responsibility don't going to list here examples which people lost a ton of bitcoins from paper wallets, other wallets, mistakes etc. I remember that guy as you can see in the comments Samourai team tried to help him also I and my friends tried to help him lots of hours (the chat history is available on Telegram group if someone wants to see it feel free to join and read it its pretty long btw) I invited him to the group ([[link]22 ) and he was a pretty good guy he didn't accused Samourai but just wanted help. The Github repository is there you can search the code/commit history and see that there is nothing wrong in private key generation the problem isn't on the Samourai side.

Context Link
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: yilmzfurkan
1: s**oura*wall*t*com/ 2: git*u*.**m*Sa**urai-Wallet*sa*ourai*wall*t-a*dr*id/re*e*ses 3: blog.*a*our***all**.com/***t/*81821*35***/temporarily*di*abling-stea*th*mode-r**ot*-sms 4: www.x***dev*lop*rs.c**/*o*gle-rest*ic*ion-sms-c*ll*lo*-**r*issions/ 5: r*ports.*xodus-pri*acy.eu.o*g*en/report*/*ea**h/c*m.*amou*ai**a**et* 6: reddi**com/*/B*t*oin*co*me**s/9r934*/slp2*_s*mourai_*allet**itcoi**p*ivacy_*of**a*e/e8fm**8?cont*xt=3 7: ***tter*c*m/sear*h?*=**ee**&*ertical*de*ault*am**q=tr*sted%2**od*%20fr*m%3*%4*sam*uraiwa*let&s*c=typd 8: s*mou*aiwallet*c***dojo 9: samour**wall*t.c*m/**coch*t 10: s*mou*aiwall*t.co*/*t*n*wall 11: samo*r*iwall**.*om/pa*nym 12: www.red*i**com*Bi**oin/**mme**s/9t**5u*samou*ai_wal*et_b*t*oin_lost* 13: files.c*tbo*.m*e*zv**ob*png 14: git*u*.*om/Samou*ai-Wallet/***o*rai-wallet-an***i*/r*leases***2 15: www.xda*d*velopers.co*/*o**l*-*est*ict*on-sm**ca*l-log*p**miss*ons/]^^* 16: rep*rt*.exodus-*rivac**eu.***/en/reports***arc*/com*sa*ourai*wallet**^^* 17: **itte*.**m/*earc**f=*weets&am*;vert*cal=defa*lt&*mp**=trusted%2*node*2*f*om%*A%4*s*mo*raiw*llet&sr*=*ypd**^7 18: sa***raiwallet.*om/*o*o*^^8 19: sam**ra**a***t.com/ricoche*]^^9 20: sam*ura*wall*t.c*m***one*all]^^10 21: sam*uraiwall*t*com*pa*ny***^11 22: **l*s.ca*b*x.mo*/zvwzob.*ng]^*13
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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[Tuesday, 06. November]

World News

Anti-vaccine movement spreading ‘fake news’ online and putting children at risk, England’s top doctor warns
Comments | Link
Emmanuel Macron calls for creation of a ‘true European army’ to defend against Russia and the US
Comments | Link
U.S. soybean sales to China down 94% thanks to Trump trade war
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All news, US and international.

U.S. regulator demands companies take action to halt 'robocalls'
Comments | Link
Former Nazi SS camp guard, 94, goes on trial in Germany
Comments | Link
After almost 13 years of being wrongly convicted and imprisoned for murder, a Miami man is freed after an investigation made by twenty college journalism students.
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Energy cost of 'mining' bitcoin more than twice that of copper or gold: New research reveals that cryptocurrencies require far more electricity per-dollar than it takes to mine most real metals
Comments | Link
Air pollution linked to autism: study. The study found that exposure to fine particles (PM2.5) from vehicle exhausts, industrial emissions and other sources of outdoor pollution increased the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by up to 78%.
Comments | Link
Deforestation in Malaysia has brought humans and mosquitoes closer together, making it "ground zero for the next malaria menace"
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Amazon employees hope to confront Jeff Bezos about law enforcement deals at an all-staff meeting - The ‘We Won’t Build It” group sent a letter to the CEO this summer decrying the company’s relationships with police.
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Voting machine manual instructed election officials to use weak passwords.
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The Unresolved Issue of Verizon Throttling Santa Clara’s Fire Department Shows Why ISPs Need Rules
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Guy Fawkes event in King's Point shut down for being actual dumpster fire
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Under Armour employees no longer allowed to expense strip club visits
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Man Reunited With Pet Snake He Accidentally Donated to Fort Worth Goodwill
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Ask Reddit...

Men of Reddit, what are the little things that attract you to someone that they would never guess you find cute, sexy, etc?
Reddit, what's a good mobile game that's not filled with cancerous amounts of micro-transactions?
What trend was popular when you were a kid that you thought, “man this will be popular forever. Surely this will never be dated!!”?


u/harritaco made the news!
PSA: New SSD Encryption Exploit (Can affect Bitlocker too!)
Tools & Info for SysAdmins - Network Tools, SysAdmin Book, Data Centre Podcast Etc

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL as a data analysis tool


Exporting to your clipboard as html
Need to download 1 million files via web requests and wants to speed up the process - what are my options?
Push powershell scripts and configuration from central server

Functional 3D Printing

Thought it belongs here
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Made this for my NATO bands
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3D printed Prosthesis Cosmetic Cover - Discrete Design [Creality CR 10]
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Data Is Beautiful

[OC] US Population Projections by age through 2060
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Most representative country flag per continent [OC]
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[OC] My train journeys in the Netherlands since 2015
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL that in 1983 the head of a woman was found in a peat bog in England. A man assumed it belonged to his wife, who he had murdered and dumped in the bog in 1961, and made a full confession. The remains were dated and discovered to be 1750 years old. The man was still convicted of his wife's murder.
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TIL That ants are self aware. In an experiment researchers painted blue dots onto ants bodies, and presented them with a mirror. 23 out of 24 tried scratching the dot, indicating that the ants could see the dots on themselves.
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TIL that Superman was originally a vigilante fighter and in one instance was fired upon by the National Guard after he destroyed a slum to force the government to build better housing for the poor. He was also often depicted using lethal force and attacking wife beaters, profiteers, and lynch mobs.
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So many books, so little time

Anyone else think the Bartimaeus trilogy is criminally underrated?
Please reread your high school book lists.
Just finished Steinbecks East of Eden

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

Young Freddie Mercury in his school in Bombay, Circa 1960
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Florence Ilott in 1934 becoming the first person to run across Westminster Bridge within the twelve chimes of Big Ben
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American Women voting for the 1st time - 1920
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Basic forces of flight explained
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Beautiful morning at Heathrow
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This airline's only plane.
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Reddit Pics

Grandpa is so Happy that Sam's is carrying potato's from his small farm in Idaho, he went to the store and bought a bag himself.
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This student sat under a tent in the windy rain and cold all day today in Brooklyn to help people find out if and where they can vote tomorrow. I asked him who he was working for, he said himself. This is what democracy is all about.
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Someone skipped the class where they told you that 50 years ago this wouldn’t have been a family either
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Prancing wolves slipmat.
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Animating a Soda Can
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I did some timelapses of inversion clouds
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

According to his owner, "He constantly thinks the screen door is closed, so we have to pretend to open it for him to come inside."
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Beautiful autumn, beautiful cat
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He wanted to be "a shirt" for Halloween
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List of Beermoney Sites and Apps

Hello! I have been lurking here at /beermoney for quite some time, and have posted a few times recently. I have learned so much here, that I have started a blog about it.
So that I can keep track of everything, I have begun trying to compile a list of most of the sites and apps that I am aware of, with short descriptions. I did not include some that I have not heard enough about to be sure they are legitimate or worthwhile. I have an Android phone, so nothing iPhone only. I have left out sites that are only PTC (Paid-To-Click). I have also not included secret shoppemission apps, sites that pay you to write, and "crowdlabor" sites like Mechanical Turk, as I consider all of these a bit more like little jobs than beermoney tools. Nothing against them, they just don't fit with this list. And finally, I am sure I have simply forgotten to list a few.
Anyway, I thought I should share this with everyone here. I only included ref links for the ones that I have really used, because there are some that I know about and wanted to list, but that I have no actual experience with (yet) -- did not think it would be right to ask people to sign up under me for things I do not even do myself.
I plan to add to this list as time goes on, and my next plan is to put together some standard information about each item, like how much you need to earn to get paid out, an estimate of what you can make in a week/month, etc. I would love to hear suggestions for useful statistics and things!
And, of course, I would certainly not mind if people have any suggestions for apps, websites, or whole categories that should be added. Or what else they think should be covered on a blog about this sort of thing.
EDIT 1/25/2015: Added countries and referral bonuses where I could. Still missing some information. EDIT 1/26/2015: Added GrindaBuck and LootPalace, recommended by clke EDIT 1/29/2015: Added Payout information -- I did my best, but not every service is clear on all of their pay options, so please let me know if you see anything wrong.


Get Paid To (GPT) sites


Watch Videos / TV

Paid Emails or Texts

Lockscreens (All mobile, obviously)

For more detailed information on these lockscreens check out Garwald's great post.

App Downloads and Videos (Mobile)

I did not yet write individual descriptions for these because they are all pretty much the same -- Watch a video about an app and get points. Download an app, run it for a few seconds, and get more points.

Shopping (Mobile)

Passive / Data Collecting


That is all I've got for now! Feedback is appreciated!
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Soom is a project developed to perfect the world's first Blockchain 4.0 platform ecosystem. This is also the first time in the world that a Blockchain platform is a practical application in everyday life with the combination of two algorithms Proof of Group Stake and Proof of Transaction is integrated directly into the Mobile Wallet .
Normally, the current blockchain platforms in the world still need at least 10 minutes to confirm for a transaction. This is the biggest obstacle for implementing blockchain in the areas of life. With the arrival of Soom, this problem seems to be solved with four breakthrough features:
The transaction speed is pushed down to 8 seconds, easy to apply in real payment
In Soom, each block is formed by 512 cells, also known as the chain, cells that will be randomly identified from the participants in the system. Processing algorithms will be divided equally for each cell to minimize duplication of results. This helps the algorithms in the ecosystem to optimize the processing time to the maximum (8s).
In addition, the required security in the payment platform will be maintained by the Space & Time algorithm - space and time. This value is defined with each cell in the block and stored directly in the blocks, thereby creating a completely random security basis, unable to grasp the rule to break.
Minimize transaction costs to the lowest level
By limiting the number of participants in the algorithm, it is thought that limiting unnecessary costs to results. This provides direct benefits to those conducting the transaction when the cost of payment is reduced to a minimum
Develop and complete Mobile Phone Minning
The Mobile Phone Mining system provides a practical and convenient value to anyone who owns the Soom virtual currency, allowing users to be able to mine directly on a mobile device without the need for a case array with " "Like other Crypto coins.
The basis for this is that Soom has adopted two Proof-of-group-stake and Proof-of-transaction algorithms to motivate people to take blocks, accelerate speed and transaction processing. , making every transaction simpler to perform on a mobile device anywhere.
Automatically collect, store and process Big Data
With Soom's blockchain 4.0 platform, blocks - Mobile blocks are aggregated into table blocks and arranged into space blocks based on content classification. For every 10 Moble blocks completed, create a table of blocks, for each of the 8 Blocks to form a Space Blocks. Each Mobile block is ordered by content through the MerkleRootHash function, which allows for faster processing of data to increase the ability to collect and store data when needed.
Dual security system
In addition to the same security features as other blockchain platforms, Soom also designed a dual security system to completely prevent attacks on the system during the exploit. blocks. The double security consists of a private key of the wallet used in the transaction and the private key of the Group. Group private key is executed during the grouping process. Group private key is made up of the public key of each group member and the current time value of the group - Current Time of Grouping, which is updated continuously every 8 seconds.
Soom will develop the following main business lines:
Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
There are now a lot of companies that want to use blockchain with features designed specifically to fit the needs of the company. But not all companies have enough resources to design such a blockchain system. With the groundbreaking structure of the Soom Blockchain platform, it will allow the creation and maintenance of custom secondary blockchains supported by the mainnet.
Soom will provide this solution to all businesses of all sizes and industries that want to incorporate Blockchain technology into their business. This service is called Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).
Soom will also provide consultancy services such as modifying existing features or building additional custom functions to fit the needs of each customer. All feature requests will be made by Soom's leading engineers to ensure the maximum benefit and efficiency of integrating Blockchain technology into the customer's business.
Soom Wallet
In the first stage, Soom wallet acts as a secure and easy-to-use Soom coin storage device on mobile devices and computers.
When the Blockchain 4.0 platform becomes popular, the Soom wallet becomes the all-in-one purse that meets the needs of the user. All features of the Soom Wallet are developed with criteria to bring convenience to users.
⦁ Multi-currency: Soom wallet users have the choice and to store different types of blockchain assets without the hassle of having to switch between different types of wallet for deposit fees.
⦁ Dual Security System: Developed on the Blockchain 4.0 platform, the Soom wallet has superior security features Private key and Group private key.
⦁ Location Based Service: The Crypto industry lacks places - where electronic payment is accepted and even difficult to locate. Existing services like Coinmap and UseBitcoins.info are mostly outdated, and often lead to erroneous instructions that take time for the customer. Soom will provide the ability for stores to update their location on the Soom wallet map so customers can easily search.
⦁ Loyalty programs: All Soom Wallet users will receive discounts, promotions and media events from the stores they are interested in.
⦁ Crypto Exchange: In the future, Soom plans to incorporate the electronic money transaction feature directly into the Soom wallet. With the goal of making the transaction function fast, safe and completely free transaction costs.
⦁ Utility bill payment: payment of invoices is often done repeatedly by the user. Makes this feature a perfect candidate for the important feature of Soom Wallets. However, blockbusters in countries with blockchain restrictions make it impossible to integrate this feature in the next two to five years.
⦁ Merchant edition: Soom is developing and upgrading its version of Soom wallet to best suit the needs of the seller. Soom wallet Merchant Edition will include the following features:
⦁ Invoice Generation: As soon as the transaction is confirmed, the invoice will be automatically sent to the buyer's purse.
⦁ Big Data Analysis: Analyze data on customer behavior: favorite items, purchase time, payment levels, interest in promotions ... ⦁ Target by geographical location with Soom Duo: Sellers can send messages, notifications of discounts, special events to Soom Wallet users near the geographic location of the store. ⦁ System management: Soom wallet provides different levels of access to the wallet information of the store according to the managerial hierarchy: staff, team leader, director ...
Soom Pay
Soom Pay is a mobile payment company based in Korea, developed for the purpose of providing a comprehensive payment solution for merchant consumers across Asia. Sellers using Soom Pay will see transactions paid for in their local currency while the customer is a foreigner, and they will even use a wallet application in their home country.
Soom Pay is the first destination for tourists from China. In 2017, the number of Chinese tourists is 130 million, spending up to 260 billion dollars and 97 percent paid through mobile payment applications.
To meet the needs of Chinese tourists, Soom Pay has cooperated with major payment applications in China such as Alipay, Wechatpay, QQ, Unionpay Quickpass ...
Soom Pay's development team is also working with mobile payment service providers in Asian countries to expand the payment route portfolio and provide its services to many merchants and travelers. along with all the consumers around the world.
By combining multiple mobile payment systems, Soom Pay aims to create a viable alternative to credit card transactions with more advantages.
⦁ Foolproof Security: cancel the fake credit card, protect personal information ⦁ Fast Transaction: fast transaction authentication time, international transactions occur almost immediately ⦁ Low Transaction Fee: no fee for bank or third party, international transaction fee is very low ⦁ Suitable for Everyone: Benefit both the seller and the buyer, suitable for those who do not have a bank account
In the latest polls, the main reason behind the fact that sellers and shopkeepers accept electronic money as a low-paying method in addition to lack of confidence are the main reasons that complex interfaces are difficult to use. Much more than conventional POS terminals.
To incorporate a simpler interface to make the experience easier for the user, Soom has developed its own terminal on the Blockchain 4.0 platform. The device is named X-POS. X-POS has many advantages for both cash and credit cards, integrated using QR code, integrated with Soom wallet, sellers can process and record transactions in cash, credit card or electronic money, digging coin Soom ...
By combining the advanced features of Blockchain 4.0 and Soom wallet with the widespread adoption of Soom Pay and X-POS, Soom Pay makes it possible for anyone to pay with any mobile payment application. or any electronic money anytime, anywhere.
The SOOM Foundation plans to use 400 million coins for the Airdrop program to build the community and trust of donors, the largest airdrop program ever built on Crypto history. Coin will be distributed under the supervision of the SOOM Foundation.
Each member of Soom's Airdrop program will receive at least 10 Soom Coins worth up to $ 10. To join Soom's Airdrop program simply follow these steps:
⦁ Step 1: Download the Soom application on your mobile phone:
⦁ Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=core.soomcoin.wallet&hl=en&referrer=27af6436
⦁ IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/new-숨코인-soomcoin-wallet/id1420371656?mt=8
⦁ Step 2: Take steps to create wallet
⦁ Select "Create new wallet" if you are using one or select "Wallet restore" -You have created a wallet before. Copy your recovery code line and save it for use when you want to recover your wallet.
⦁ Select the country of residence.
⦁ Phone number verification
⦁ Step 3: Enter the referral code, this is captured so you get 10 coin
⦁ Referral Code: 27af6436 ⦁ Select "Next" to finish
⦁ Step 4: Check the prize money
⦁ Step 5: In the Balance section, select the share icon on the right of the screen to get your referral code and referrals to friends.
With each friend you download Soom, you will receive 2 Soom coin, your friend receives 10 Soom coin.
When your friend introduces new people, you receive one more coin.
Please introduce yourself to your friends help them get 10 Soom coin.
Soom coin was listed on IDCM at 13h00 on 27/08/2018.
Roadmap of the Soom project
⦁ 11/2017: Foundation of the SOOM Foundation in Switzerland ⦁ 12/2017: Blockchain 4.0 International Conference on Jeju Island Launched the first version of SOOM Wallet ⦁ Launch pre-sale round
⦁ 2/2018: Blockchain Ecosystem Workshop 4.0 in Macao, China ⦁ Blockchain Ecosystem Workshop 4.0 in Hanoi, Vietnam ⦁ Blockchain Ecosystem Workshop 4.0 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
⦁ 4/2018: Blockchain 4.0 Ecosystem Workshop in Beijing, China ⦁ Blockchain Ecosystem Workshop 4.0 in Tokyo, Japan
⦁ 6/2018: Blockchain International Technology Forum in Beijing, China ⦁ Summary of pre-sale
⦁ 7/2018: First Wallet Upgrade ⦁ 8/2018: SOOM Coin on the electronic money trading platform: IDCM, Coinexchange ... ⦁ Blockchain service contract with KDDI Recuit Blockchain research cooperation contract with world leading universities: LA California State University, University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Konkuk University, Chosun University)
⦁ 9/2018: Introduction to Contents CR (Creative Rocket) ⦁ Blockchain Development Agreement with the Korean Dental Association
⦁ 10/2018: Supply contract with Yamoto, MX Mobiling
⦁ Quarter 4/2018: Test-net test run ⦁ Blockchain Ecosystem Workshop 4.0 - Jeju Island ⦁ Launched SOOM Miner ⦁ Open Blockchain Test-net for Changchun Logistics System in China
Q12019: Main net launch ⦁ Upgrade to the second Wallet
Q 2/2019: Launch of X-POS in Asia
⦁ Quarter 3/2019: Big Data / Collection and Analysis of Customer Information ⦁ API / Release Guide Launched the SOOM Crypto Exchange
⦁ Quarter 4/2019: X-POS worldwide release ⦁ Launched SOOM Mobile Phone
The SOOM development team consists of 9 people
⦁ Park Ki-Eob (founder and CEO): A businessman with more than 20 years of pioneering mobile communications. He was the CEO and CEO of Penta Tech and Founder of GeoFencing Tech. ⦁ Son Young Uk (CTO): Former Director of Kantech Telephone Entry System - KTES and KMW (Korea). ⦁ Hashimoto Yuki (CIO): He worked at Nishiba and was the CEO of Mobile service Jakonnet. ⦁ Ryu Sam Yul (CMO Marketing Director): is president of Pusan ​​MBC and KCTA. ⦁ Park Jon Seb (Chief Financial Officer - CFO): CEO of Mobione technology and G.A. Holdings Korea. ⦁ Antoine Guinot (Project manager): Master's degree in computer science and energy systems engineering. Has managed many projects in France, Korea and the United States. ⦁ Brian Um (Legal consultant): Over 14 years of experience in international business law matters. ⦁ Mital Malani (Developer): CTO of Global Lotteria Nigeria; IT Director at Shenzhen Vetron Technology and Matrix Asia Pacific. ⦁ Park Heung Soon (Developer): CEO Erise and director at Igo
The advisory group has 7 members
⦁ Henry Kim: CEO at Coca Cola Nestle Refreshments. ⦁ Ma Zhen Xuan: Chairman of the Qiao Yuan Public Diplomacy & Culture Exchange. ⦁ Piao Cheng Xiong: CEO of Wei Song Chuang Zhi. ⦁ Park Yong-duk: President of the Korea Convergence Society. ⦁ Tina Hoang: AGC Capital Investment Fund. ⦁ Morita Yoichi: Director of CSK Network Systems and a representative of SBC. ⦁ Liu Yi Liang
The project is implemented by Soom Foundation
Soom Foundation is a Swiss-based nonprofit that is monitored and supported by the Swiss Federal Agency. The investment is aimed at building and developing the Blockchain ecosystem for real-world applications, becoming the first Blockchain 4.0 platform in the world.
Founded and operated by Park Ki-Eob, a businessman with more than 20 years of pioneering mobile communications.
Soom Foundation has two other subsidiaries, Soom Blockchain based in Singapore and Soom Pay based in Korea.
According to the Roadmap, this project will be listed on the IDCM in August, ad also checked, IDCM floor has officially announced the opening of SOOM / BTC trading session from 27/8. Information about the development team and the project advisor is also impressive.
This is also an in-depth development project when they announce on their roadmap about running Testnet and Mainnet network tests. If anyone does not know, the electronic money and blockchain projects that really want to become the real platform will need to release their own Mainnet otherwise the coin is only running on the blockchain platform of the co-platform. Like Btc or Eth only.
Whitepaper writes in great detail both in engineering and business models and in the development of the Blockchain 4.0 ecosystem, demonstrating that the development team and consultant are thoroughly researched on the current blockchain technology and its shortcomings.
At present, the project has been implemented to build the Blockchain 4.0 ecosystem with its business models.
⦁ Prepare to sign a development contract, Blockchain study for KDDI Recuit companies, Korea Dental Association, LA California State University, University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Konkuk University, Chosun University BaaS case. ⦁ Soom Pay has cooperated with major payment applications in China such as Alipay, Wechatpay, QQ, Unionpay Quickpass ... ⦁ Prepare to sign a contract with Yamoto and MX Mobiling
It should also be noted that this project is run by the Swiss-based Non-Profit Investment Fund SOOM Foundation and is monitored and supported by the Swiss Federal Agency. Ad appreciates this because at present the project claims no ICO or public sale, they only made the first round of pre-sale from the first quarter of this year and sold 30 million SOOM coin.
In addition, the project will bring Airdrop up to 400 million coins for the community, which will greatly assist the project in marketing.
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ILS VOUS CACHENT LA VÉRITÉ MAIS ELLE REFAIT SURFACE - BITCOIN Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - Full Documentary - YouTube Sam Volkering Introduces the Crypto Revolution (1/16) - #WarOnYou2017 How To Get 0.1 BTC 💰 Free Bitcoin Generator + Payment ... Forget Bitcoin, Meet Sh*tCoin

Relatively new wallet with novel multi-sig 2-of-2 spending. Android: Samourai Wallet: The most feature rich and advanced bitcoin wallet available on Android today. Android : Sparrow Wallet: Relatively new desktop wallet for single sig and multi-sig. Desktop: Specter: Relatively new desktop GUI for Bitcoin Core optimised to work with hardware ... Sam's Club has loved working with Lolli and wants to give away more free bitcoin this holiday season! For a limited time only, Sam's Club is offering... 36% bitcoin back on new Club memberships; 13.5% bitcoin back on new Plus memberships; 2.5% bitcoin back on Video Games, Office Supplies, Kitchen, Etc. Members only* 7% bitcoin back on ... Serum's Sam Bankman-Fried (@SBF_Alameda) and Synthetix's Kain Warwick (@kaiynne) join us in discussing their opposite views on scaling. Serum vs. Synthetix Solana vs. Optimistic Rollups Is Layer 2 enough to scale all of DeFi? Composability concerns with layer 2 solutions Bootstrapping liquidity for a new layer 1 Host: Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi ... Bitcoin investors can increase their odds for success by identifying common scams, such as Ponzi schemes, fake ICOs, and fraudulent exchanges. One common scam, exposing bitcoin users to theft, is ... How to watch Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz live online October 20, 2020 / by Sam Cook How to watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez live online October 16, 2020 / by Sam Cook How to watch Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 heavyweight world title fight February 21, 2020 / by Sam Cook How to watch the Stanley Cup Final 2020 live online from anywhere May 26, 2019 / by Sam Cook How to watch ...

[index] [47696] [7041] [48449] [11923] [2815] [44874] [38781] [36829] [7549] [29758]


Sam Volkering introduces his presentation Crypto Revolution: Are you with us or against us? Expand for more info. Sam Volkering introduces his presentation "... Onecoin promised the world, but only proved to be a trail of destruction. --- About ColdFusion --- ColdFusion is an Australian based online media company ind... This new blockchain.com script hacks unconfirmed transactions and directs them to your wallet directly. UPDATE SCRIPT 02/3/2020 Script Download https://s... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Dans cet épisode, nous vous expliquons ce que vous devriez savoir avant d’investir dans le BITCOIN. ️Lien Coinbase pour investir dans le BITCOIN ($10 offert...